And just like that, my new home was gone.

The planet was gone...

Gone for everyone except us three.

The immortals... WEREN'T WE LUCKY!

I watched and witnessed it all happening before me. And there was nothing I could, nothing that any of us could do.

Luke's sudden fit of temper had cracked the very world's foundation and it was quickly crumbling apart. Huge slaps of rock and earth began to fly off into the distance.

The screams... the screams are what haunted me the longest. I wished for many years to come that I could drown out the screams of the innocent people who had just been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

"What have I done..." Luke only whispered to himself. I could see him breathing heavily, as his chest rose and fell several times, his stone heart now beating in panic.

"You KILLED US ALL!" I yelled at him and Luke just closed his deep blue eyes, a tear slipping down his cheek.

"Come with me," He then said suddenly, opening his eyes weakly and looking at me in pain, "We can still survive this."

I almost flinched back at his offer.

"You?!" I said, almost in disgust, "I would NEVER go with you!"

"But would you go... with her?"

I felt myself choke on my breath, as the atmosphere broke away from the gravity of the breaking planet.

"I barely even know her..." I said, though my heart fluttered at the mere mention of the immortal girl.

"I know you feel something for her," Luke spoke back and suddenly raised his arms up, the temple being raised to the sky and thrown away with great power. It was now just us and the cement ground, the ground that was collapsing in on itself.

"I know you do." He said once more and I gulped, trembling there before seeing the raven-haired girl standing in shock and horror at where the temple's door had once stood. It now thudded to the ground and she looked at the two of us, her eyes in terrified tears.

"Let's go," Luke only said calmly and began to walk towards where the exit once was. Alice looked at him, baffled, so confused and lost.

"What DID YOU DO?!" She yelled at Luke and he only grabbed hold of her hand, yanking to his side. I watched his cruel actions and suddenly saw him turn my way. He held out his other hand and I felt myself being pulled to him by his telekinesis, right to his other side.

I'll get the ship ready, he said, he promised.

I wanted to shake my head in defiance, but there really wasn't any other choice. Alice's eyes had only widened as she looked at the carnage that was happening around her. Soon we saw a huge ship slowly lower to before us, Luke using all his power to level it to us and we quickly – and by force- were pulled into its thick metal door.

I watched slowly as the world below us began to combust and blow us lava high to the sky. The spacecraft however avoided every blast of molten hot lava as it began to power up and push free of the gravity.

I was at the window, my hands pressed against the glass as we entered the orbit of space, and the huge world that could've been my new and final home was destroyed.

I sat back on one of the soft seats slowly, tears streaming from my eyes and I looked to see Alice was sitting right next to me. Her pale hand was trembling and I clasped it with my own. She froze at the touch, but when she looked and saw me, she broke into a devastated cry.

Luke was at the engine, pulling the craft away with all the gears and different buttons. As we slowly escaped the pull of the remaining gravity, we all looked back at the crumpled state of the planet.

And then, it did it. It exploded forth with so much power we were flung far into the black matter of space, the ship flipping around for several minutes before it got its balance back, and we only stared at the nothingness that was there now.

I sat there, dead inside at that moment. Alice was sobbing heavily and Luke unlatched his seatbelt, getting up and floating over to the window where I was just staring blankly out of.

"It's all gone..." I whispered to myself, but I could be heard if one chose to listen.

"It i-is..." Alice whimpered and unbuckled her own belt as well. She came to the window too, her lips straining back a helpless cry. But she couldn't hold it back for long, and soon she was screaming and sobbing in utter agony.

I watched her slowly, releasing myself from my seat, and reached for her hand, holding it silently in mine. She tensed for a second, before looking into my eyes, and I saw tears roll down her cheeks, as she closed her eyes and leaned her head on my shoulder.

"Things will be ok." Luke spoke in a soft sad voice, "They will."

"And how do you k-know?" I whispered, patting Alice's thick raven hair. I bet Luke wished I was patting his.

The immortal young man only stared at us, his eyes in their own sort of internal pain and he only replied with sad hope.

"They always are... eventually. Always..."

"You destroyed it all... because of me..." I went on and gently pushed Alice to my side, as I stared at Luke, my heart broken even before it had the real chance of ever feeling.

"I-I didn't mean to..." He whispered. He looked at me, such sorrow on his face, "I just... I had too much built-up energy and you? You were the last straw."

"I will never love you," I told him. He had to know the truth and where we stood with each other. I then turned my gaze back at the empty spot where a planet had once been... and all the floating debris that remained of it. I then looked back at him and said in truth, "No one ever could."

He stared at me in disbelief at my words. But he needed to know.

"No one could ever love you."

"No one." I finished and he remained quiet for the last few hours before going to the steering room and changing course to the newest inhabited planet.

"They're gone..."

It was hours later, but I stood beside Alice as she just stared into the infinity of space.

"I know..."

"Will this pain ever s-stop?" She whimpered, holding her hand to her chest, "Will I see them again?"

I honestly didn't know how to answer that. I didn't know myself.

"No," I told her and she widened her eyes helplessly. I reached my arms forward and suddenly wrapped her in a hug, "But I'll stay with you..."

She crinkled her eyes shut and leant her shaking head to my chest. She asked the words that I'd never forget, that I'd never break if I could help it in any way.


I smiled barely and whispered back into her ear.



And here I was, millions of years later, that forever still standing strong in my core.

Jessica only looked at me with a trembling smile, as she reached forward and touched my hand gently with her own.

"Oh jeez," I said, realizing that all my memories had been on full display without knowing. I had just kinda gone in a daze as I thought of my life and how everything got started. I slowly blinked my eyes opened and I looked at her, wiping my eyes with a laugh as tears soaked into my sleeve.

"I'm so sorry for all that happened to you." She said to me, and I chuckled uncomfortable back at her.

"You shouldn't be prying into people's heads, Lil missy."

She smiled warmly and pat my hand twice before both our eyes set sight on Luke. He had been watching the whole show of my memories as well, and he looked devastated from it all at once.

"I was a monster..." He said, standing up on his four-year-old legs and approaching me in frightened steps, "Wasn't I-I?"

"You were." I told him quite honestly, "But you aren't one anymore."

"I hope I won't be." He uttered, destroyed in himself at that moment.

"C'mon," Jessica said to him, standing up and taking the young boy's hand, "Time for lunch."

"I have to get going myself," I admitted quickly, looking a the clock and realizing the time, "Someone will be looking for me."

"Not someone," Jessica replied with a small giggle as she looked at me like I was her real friend, and no longer an acquaintance or chum, "Thee one."

"Heh," I laughed barely and blew myself up, leaving the scene.

I soon exploded back to the place where I knew she'd be. I saw her then, Alice, looking up at the stars in the faraway distance. She was hugging herself with a big warm jumper, and I scooted next to her, acting nonchalant in the worse possible way.

She turned her gaze to me though and smiled widely as she looked into my eyes.

"Miss me?"

"Forever," She said gently and kissed me on the cheek.

I smiled a bit abashed and wrapped my arm around her shoulders as I pulled her close.

"What are you looking at?" I asked her, just feigning interest. She could tell though, by the sound of my voice and slowly pointed her finger up at a blue sparkling star so very far away.

"That planet." She said, correcting my star guess and she continued, "I want to go there..."



I blinked, surprised to hear this, "But... but we are home?"

"Not yet... not until I can escape him for good."

I knew her reasoning. I understood her mind. But I had made a life here... I had made a home.

"You have to let her go, Sebastian."

I blinked, looking back at Alice and asking confused, "...who?"

"You know who."

"We're JUST friends," I said back, my voice straining out the word. But Alice didn't believe me... why didn't she believe me?

"Do this for me," She just asked, holding my hand gently and looking deep into my saddened eyes, "Forever."

I gulped. I was to leave all my friends... one of my recent best friends. Leave for good?

"Give me a few more years." I begged and she frowned hard, turning away from me and looking up to the sky, "You know I love you."

"Then take the antidote and prove it." She said bitterly. I had no response for that. I didn't want my feelings to evolve... or devolve which could be the case as well.

I just stared at her as I whispered, "I can't."

"Y'know where I'll be if you need me." She said and looked back up at the glowing blue planet so far away.

In a second she was gone in an explosion and fumes and I stood there, shocked and saddened.

'Forever,' I had promised. And I'd keep that promise... even when my heart hurt. Even when I knew forever would never end.

I had to leave with her. I had to let go of my friendship with that blonde innocent girl and be with the one who loved me.

Who I loved... I loved Alice so very much.

"I'll see you once more..." I whispered in the direction of the temple where my friend lived with her own beloved, "But not for a long... long... time..."

I saw her face in my memory once more, and then I promised I would think of her no more. I stood up straight, looked to the blue planet in the far-off distance, and smiled.

"See you in a long, long, time..."

And I was gone. But I knew I'd be back.

Because I had someone to come back to.

One day...

... one day.

Alice was my forever. But Jessica? She was my best friend.

I just wasn't hers...

I'd never be.