Author's Note: This is the type of summary you'd find on the back cover of a book. There's a chance it could be changed/revised prior to publication, however, the general plot will not change. hp stands for the title of my novel (it's lowercase on purpose) and I am not revealing the full title until my novel is published. There are two separate accounts hence the two summaries.

After being evicted from their apartment in Yolo, California; A unit of three move to another state to live with Grandma. To five year old Charlie, it's exciting and scary; a new adventure. To everyone else, it's a new stressful beginning. During their stay, Charlie befriends Jack, the boy with only one arm and then Eve, who acts like a spoiled brat. One day, Charlie is invited to attend a primary class at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Little does he know what is in store for him and his loved ones. Charlie must come to the decision: will be put his faith in Jesus Christ, or will he believe in the lies?

Clark is a stubborn, prideful young man who grew up being abused by his father and mother. With him he carries the tragedy of a torn family. To cope, he indulges in unhealthy practices. Grudgingly, he accompanies his girlfriend and son Charlie from Yolo, California to Hillsboro, Oregon to stay with Angie-his girlfriend's mother. No matter how much he may deny God's presence in his life, things keep happening. Maybe it's a coincidence? His love for those close to him are put to the test. Will Clark return to his roots or allow himself to become the very same monster he fears most?