Dresses always seemed miserable to me

I never understood how someone could be

Happy and themself while wearing

A dress


By age three it was something I had trouble bearing

I turned ten, then decided I knew why

Dresses were forced on each girl, but not any guy

"It was sexism," I thought,

Content to have a reason for the battles I fought


I turned twelve and expanded that theory

And decided women were viewed as a minority

So they were taken advantage of in horrible ways

I thought about this for days

And decided dresses were the results of perverts

I hoped that soon, society reverts

Back to being reasonable and fair

Heh, I have no idea where

I got the idea that society is fair


Well, now I know that that logic wasn't my real reason

But if I tell others, they'll act like it's treason

Boys can wear dresses, and that's true

You should wear whatever makes you feel like you

But for me, dresses won't do

They seem to say "Robin? Robin who?"

"All I see is a confused girl,"

"Who's completely unprepared for the world."


And you know what? You're wrong.

And it won't be long

Before I get to prove that to you

Then what will you do?


I am a boy. I'm a man, I'm male.

Even if being a man sends me to jail

I want the world to know my name

No, I don't want fame

But I sure as hell don't want my deadname


This is a weird way to come out, I know

Hey, I think it's been quite a show

But I'm the same person, just with a different name

Behind my face, I'm still the same

But please know that my name is Robin

And I'm not some sin

I'm a boy

And admitting this has made me so happy and so full of joy