The innkeeper gave them one last, lewd, glance and closed the door. Rose dropped her bags, walked across the room, and opened the window next to the bed.

"Are you going out?" Janna asked, picking up the bags and setting them in a corner.

"In a moment." Rose replied, looking outside. She glanced up at the sky, but didn't see the moon. It probably wouldn't rise until after dark. "What will you do?" she asked.

"I'm going to write to George and let him know we're coming to Silver City. He might let us stay…" She yawned suddenly, "at his house." she finished.

Rose smiled, "Sounds like you need a nap. Were you ap all night?"

She snorted, "You know I was. I had to find that thief who stole our cart."

Rose smiled, but said nothing. Leaned forward, she looked down.

"What are you looking at?" Janna asked, coming up behind her.

"There's a girl down there." she pointed, then moved over to make room for her friend.

Janna looked down, immediately below the window was the narrow roof of a storage shed where a few pigeons perched on the edge. Below that a girl sat on a stool peeling potatoes with quick strokes. As Janna watched, she finished one, dropped it into a pot at her side and picked up another.

Janna stepped back and turned to Rose. She had taken off most of her clothes and was working on the ties to her smallclothes. Janna bent over, picked up her discarded clothes, and started folding them. Rose shifted, leaped from the floor to the sill, then out the window, there was a faint thump from outside. Janna opened Rose's pack and put everything inside. Closing it, and sealing it with a word, she walked to her own pack and took out a pen, paper and ink. Sitting down on the bed, she started writing her letter.