All life begins at birth

Boys and girls frolic and play.

Catching each others hearts along the way.

Doomed to grow apart, first love is always the sweetest.

Every experience is knowledge gained

Full of wonder and awe for nature itself

Grieving for the state we pushing it towards

Hope remains strong that beauty will survive

In all of humanity we strive for our improvement

Joy the greatest of all pursuits

Kindness is what leads the way.

Life continues.

Mine is the life full of expression

New experiences are sought after

Open to anything at least once

Play consumes me as I nurture my loved ones

quarrels happen from time to time

Regret follows and we mend

Stop for a moment to enjoy

Those who are blessed, should never hide their gift

Ugly is only a state of mind

Venting is the best way to unwind

Whistling a happy tune tells the world how you do

Xmas is the new Christmas, what a sad state of affairs.

You now know how I feel

Zip off and tell the world about you