Inbox Love

By Farris Temaire

My inbox is a sacred space.

A place for my work and the hard-working few.

Let it not be cluttered with Spam.

Blocks and blocks of nothing emails filling the view.

My inbox is my sacred space.

A place for my work that I send to you

The emails you send back filled with your edits

Ever so slowly we are building our wonderland.

So let the honest correspondence flow.

Let it flow between me and you.

Let our conversation come cleanly through, not a single ad blocking the view.

My inbox is our sacred space.

A place for our work to blossom.

Let me share an attachment.

A PDF just for me and you.

A glimpse of our past and present in black and white.

Of the story we are co creating.

Backed up to the cloud, and always in the works

My inbox is our sacred space.

A place for us to work on the work that is bound in love.

I treat my inbox as sacred,

I hope you do too

It's where we plan and strive for our future together.

Let our dream come true.

Let our words be boundless…

I created a personal email, just for us.

No conglomerates will get this as they ask me to signup.

This email is for me alone.

Just for real humans in my life and me.

Where nothing but life is told.

Not an nothing ad in sight