I write poetry that flows, most is long, I like to write in first person that the poem is about but do have some written in the 3 person perspective.

Titles give you a good idea what the poem is about so please click to the ones that spark your interest,

I have audio versions of my all my poems, If you are interested am selling each poem for 20 cents a poem for the visual and audio mp3 to be emailed to you. I am waiting back to here from a poetry publishing house. The poems in the next chapters are my older poems that I have already shared here, in there old form. I compiled them here as I was finding old poems I had written, then and audio producing them to be sudmited with my new poems to some publishing houses if interested in poems not listed in the chapters please PM me or ask in the comments will email you file after you e transfer the 20 cents into my account for the poems you are interested in. will give my name and phone-number in pm,

Here is the list




I am Storm, and I am Here

Dragons Birth


Seedlingrated m

Eli's Rant

White breath of winter



Get Up, Go out

Shouting for change

Inbox Love


Let It Not Define Us


Staying True



The Deed



Tuna fishing

I got 99 problems but you ain't 1