Melly moved swiftly through the forest as the demon followed her every move. The moon was full and the night's sky was as dark as black. Melly could feel her legs began to give out on her as she reached a cliff.
"There's no where else to go..." She said while catching her breath.
The demon soon caught up with her and stopped running. It wasn't even out of breath and it evily smiled at her.
"Ha!" He said, "No place to go? Too bad, I wasn't even warmed up yet."
"Stay away from me, I didn't do anything to you." Melly backed up as far as she could to the edge of the cliff.
"Well, not yet, but you will in the future."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, I guess I can tell you sense you are about to die. You see, you are the chosen one who will destroy us, or at least that's what the legend said."
"What are you talking about? I can't be the one you are looking for."
"But, my dear, I'm sure you are. Now enough talking, its time to die."
The demon lunged forward and Melly screamed as he came at her. She felt someone push her backwards to the hard, cold dirt. She looked up to see a young man standing in front of her and the demon on the ground.
"Stay where you are," The man whispered to her, " He can only see you if you move."
She did as she was told and watched as the demon searched for them. Then, with a flash, the man sliced the demon in half. The two pieces fell to the ground and melted away.
"Why are you here? You shouldn't be here, especially at this time of night." He asked offering her a helping hand.
Melly crawled backwards toward a rock and got up, watching him all the while.
"Why don't you trust me?" He said staring into her brown eyes, glimmering in the moon's light.
"It's not the matter of trusting you. It's something else." Melly said as she began to walk by him.
"Where do you think you are going?"
"I'm leaving. Thank you for helping me but I must be on my way."
"You're not leaving." He grabbed her arm as she walked by.
Melly immediately saw some images that were very blurry and felt what he was feeling. He was angry, but yet she felt that he was sad and alone. He had evil inside of him and she sensed a great power from him. She saw an image of someone dead and someone chasing a black figure. It all hit her at once when he made contact with her. She sprang back from him and landing on the ground, shivers brading her body. She was white and her hands were shaking franticly as she struggled to get as far away from him as she could. He just stood there not knowing what happened.
"Sta...stay away, don...don't come any closer, please." She stuttered.
"What is wrong, why are you pale and shaking?" He walked up to her.
"Don't! Just stay away..."
"Why can't you trust me?"
"Leave! Go! You have too many dark things inside of you..."
" do you know that?"
"Please, don't come near me. I'm afraid of you!"
"You have nothing to be afraid of. Why must you insist on me leaving?"
"You are angry, but yet you are miserable and lonely. Too many deaths, too much hiding in the shadows. Its like you aren't human!"
"My dear, I can assure you that I am human. Now please, trust me."
"How do I know that for sure?"
He took a step closer to calm her down and tried to gain her trust. Melly jumped up and stepped back again.
"I told you to stay away!" She thought for a moment and suddenly locked eyes with him. "Phoenix?"
He glared at her, angrily,
and took out his sword. He put the sword up to her pale neck.
"Who are you? Tell me now!"
"That's your name isn't it? Phoenix is your name, I saw the words form in one of the images from you."
"How do you know my name?"
"I told you! It came from you!"
"How is that possible?" He lowered his sword. "Who are you?"
"My name is Melly that's all you need to know. I don't want to get you involved. Now please leave before they come again."
"I won't leave, not when you say that someone is coming to hurt you."
"Don't get involved, please. I don't want more people to die because of me."
"I won't die. Come on, let's go." He reached out to grab her hand.
She whipped her hand behind her and stepped back against a tree.
"Don't touch me! Now, just, leave me alone!"
She darted off into the forest again leaving him behind. Phoenix flew above the trees and followed her without letting her know.
"Why doesn't this Melly girl trust me?" He thought, "How did she know all those things about me? It's impossible for anyone to know what I am feeling inside. I wonder if she could be the one of whom the legends speak of. They say that a chosen one will appear with abilities to feel and see things just by touch. They say that this chosen one will destroy the evil in the world. I better keep a close eye on her for I know that the demons of Shiyu will be back for her."
He could see her running in the shadows trying to stay hidden from anything that might be lurking around. He saw only two other demons out, but it seemed that they had no interest in looking for her. It wasn't long when the sun began its morning duties and rose over the mountains. For the first time he was able to see what she looked like. Her brown hair was tied back with a few hairs hanging loosly about. She was shorter then he was, so he assumed that her height was about five foot eight. Her clothes were very old and raggedy and she had a hole in the left knee of her pants. Her mossy green shirt looked newer than her brown pants.
Melly turned to see the sun and seemed to have a look of relief. She waited until it was safe and stepped out into the open.
"I must hurry to the town to get food before the crowd comes." She said while hurrying to the end of the woods.
Phoenix, still watching from above, followed her into town. Melly reached the town entrance and saw only a few people out. She ran into a bakery shop and slowly walked up to the front counter. She waited for someone to come and looked cautiously in the area she was in. Finally the owner came up to the register.
"What can I get for you miss?" The owner said with a warm smile.
"Can I get that loaf of bread please."
"Yea, sure." He grabbed a fresh loaf and put it into a small bag. "That will be seven fallers."
"Seven? I only have five." Melly searched her pockets again to see if she had any more money.
"Sorry, miss, but I need seven."
"Please, its only two fallers and I really need this." She seemed to be pleading for the bread.
"I'm sorry, but I'm running a business and I need the full seven fallers."
"I'll pay for the two fallers." A familiar voice appeared behind them.
Melly turned to see Phoenix standing behind her with two fallers in his hand. He smiled and handed the owner two fallers.
"That's mighty nice of you mister. Miss, here's your loaf of bread." The owner said.
"Thanks," Melly said while taking the bread and turning to Phoenix. "Thank you, but didn't I tell you to stay away?"
"I couldn't leave a lovely lady alone, besides, you need me."
"I don't need anybody. I haven't for years and I'm not about to now!"
She walked out of the store making sure to walk away from him instead of by him. She saw that the streets were beginning to get crowded and soon she wouldn't be able to get by without having contact with more than one person. She rushed out of the town while glancing back to see if Phoenix was following her. He was, but that was the least of her problems. After she reached the forest again she waited for Phoenix to catch up. When he finally did she popped out from a tree and stopped him.
"Do you ever listen to anyone?" She said keeping a good distance between them.
"No, but I want to help you." Phoenix seemed to be an easy going person, who didn't have many things to worry about.
Melly looked at his fine, thick black hair and his deep blue eyes in the sunlight. He wore a long dark blue jeans with a black shirt. On his back was a sword with series of designs on the silver handle.
"Yea, right, and how are you suppose to do that?" Melly rolled her eyes.
"Well, I already did, didn't I?" Phoenix reminded.
"Twice, but that doesn't matter. You can't help me."
"I know that you are the chosen one..."
She turned to him with a pale look, "That's what that demon said."
"Yep, its true. You are the one who is to bring evil to its end."
"You must be mistaken, I can't even buy a loaf of bread much alone stop all evil."
"If I prove it then will you trust me?"
"I guess. Just stay where you are."
"Don't worry, I won't make that mistake twice." He smiled at her, "Your name isn't really Melly, is it?"
"No, but what does that have to do with it?"
"Well, the legends say the exact name, age, and home town of the chosen one."
"Go on, you got my attention."
"Your full name is Melissa Sakara. You are probably about seventeen now and your home town is Theatal Village."
Melly dropped her arms to her side, almost dropping the loaf of bread, and stared into his eyes,
"I didn't believe what the demon said last night at first, but when I touched your arm and you began telling me all those things, I began to wonder. Then after watching you all last night and this morning I realized that you were the chosen one."
"You were watching me last night?"
"Well, you caught my interest."
" Is that why the demons of Shiyu killed everyone in Theatal Village?"
"Yes, they thought that if they destroyed the town that it would not come true, but..."
"...But I was down at the river with my mother that day. So, they never found me and weren't satisfied. We heard the screams and saw the smoke from the burning buildings."
"You weren't in the town? How lucky is that."
"Yea, but my mother knew what was going on right away and told me to run to the town beyond the mountains and stay with my uncle and aunt. I didn't listen and followed my mother back to the village. When I got there, I saw the demons."
"The demon's of Shiyu?"
Melly nodded her head, "They were killing everyone in the town. I searched for my mother and saw her run into our house. She must have gone inside to get my little sister. I watched as one of the demons went into the house. I ran to the window of my sister's room to tell my mother to get out, but I was too late. The demon grabbed her and threw her against the wall. Then with one quick swipe, he...he.." Her eyes became blurry and a single tear rolled down her cheek.
"Look, you don't have to tell me this." Phoenix said trying to resist from making contact with her.
"No, if you are going to help me then you must know the whole story." She wiped the tear away and continued. "They both were killed without any mercy. Their bodies were lying there with the look of fear still imprinted on their faces. I gasped at the sight of it which the demon heard and began to investigate, the room. He turned to see me and darted for the window. I ran, I ran away. I left the town running without looking back scared of what happened. I let them down. I could have saved them, I could have done something, but no I was a coward and ran away."
"You weren't a coward, you couldn't have done anything to help." Phoenix took a step closer.
"I know, but it seemed like there was something, just some kind of force that could have helped save them. As I reached Hermical Village, the news already spread that Theatal Village was gone. My uncle and aunt took me in and raised me. They said it was God's will and that God had a purpose for what happened. I didn't talk much then, nor did I play much with the other kids. Years passed and I tried to live a normal life, but it just wasn't possible. On my tenth birthday, I began to have strange feelings when I made contact with other people. At first it was just little things, like I would know if they were mad, or if they were hiding something. Then it got worse to where I couldn't encounter another person without feeling their pain, their worries. After a while, I got images of past things that happened in their lives or something they saw. When I was twelve, I couldn't bare it anymore. It hurt to be near anyone, and my uncle and aunt were stressed out. So, to end their troubles and worries, I left."
"You mean to tell me that you haven't have contact with another person for almost five years?"
"No. I did last night when you grabbed my arm."
"Oh, I'm sorry about that. I didn't know who you were and thought you were a village girl who was lost."
"Yea, well you..."
Their conversation ended when something stirred in the bushes behind them. Phoenix pulled out his sword and waited. Melly got ready to run for that is what she usually did. Then a huge green demon shaped like a leaf game out.
"Leaf Demon..." Phoenix said while getting ready to fight.
The Leaf Demon began to act like it was going to attack, but it was only a distraction. Another demon grabbed Melly from behind, making her drop the loaf of bread. Melly screamed as she felt the evil in the demon and saw images of all the innocent people that were killed. She blacked-out due to the shock of the experience. Phoenix whipped around and almost stopped the demon, but the Leaf Demon grabbed his foot and threw him against a tree. The last thing he saw was the two demons disappearing with Melly's body loosely hanging in its hand.

Phoenix slowly opened his eyes to see the setting sun. He jumped up and looked around while rubbing his head.
"Damn! They have her." He said while putting his sword away. "I know exactly where they took her too. Damn Shiyu!"
He ran in the direction the two demons headed.
"What could they want with her? If they wanted her dead, they would have killed her already. What is Shiyu up to?"