"This is the end." She thought. "The end of my life...the end of the chosen one." She could feel the heat of the fire. "No, I won't let it end, not like this. Phoenix trusts me, and I won't break that trust." She yelled out Shiyu's name and felt a power arising in her once more. "Shiyu, I won't let it end this way!" She opened her eyes to see the fireball frozen in thin air right in front of her face.
She blinked and looked around to see everyone with their eyes open wide not saying a word. Then the fireball fell to the ground and went out like it was just a little match. She looked down at Phoenix who wasn't clutching her shoulder anymore. In fact, he wasn't breathing. She set him down and turned towards Shiyu.
"You..." She said glaring at Shiyu. "You did this to him, it's all your fault." She could feel anger exploding from inside. "It's your fault!" She yelled and charged at Shiyu.
Shiyu tried to jump out of the way, but was too slow. He was smashed into the other demons.
"You'll pay for what you have done!" She felt her arm pop back into place and her vision became clearer.
She put her hands together as a silver glow formed. She then shot a silver beam towards Shiyu and all the demons. The silver beam exploded making the whole tunnel shake. The roof began to collapse exposing the dark, blue, night sky and the moon's light. Melly ran over to Phoenix and picked him up. She flew through the opening and landed outside of the cave. She set Phoenix down on the green grass and turned to see the whole cave collapse. The ceiling went in and dust exploded upwards as it did. When the dust settled, Melly saw Shiyu. She walked over to see his legs covered in rocks. Shiyu looked up at her.
"Please, Melissa, have mercy, please." He cried out.
"My name is Melly." She raised her arm into the air and Phoenix's sword appeared in her right hand.
Shiyu opened his eyes wide and waved his arms about yelling frantically. Then, Melly took the sword and sliced off Shiyu's head. His head and flesh all melted into the ground and disappeared. Melly ran over to Phoenix.
"Phoenix, please don't leave me." She sat down on her knees next to him. "You said we would make it through and to trust you. You can't break your trust!" Her eyes blurred again as tears stained her cheeks. "Phoenix, no, you told me to trust you! Phoenix! Wake up!" She lay down on his chest. "Phoenix, why? Why? It should have been me not you...Phoenix, please...come back to me." She felt someone touch her shoulder and she spun around to see Stanton standing behind her.
"He isn't needed anymore." He sat down beside her.
"What do you mean he isn't needed?" She wiped her wet cheeks with her arm.
"There is more to the legend then what Phoenix told you. Only few know the rest of the legend about the chosen one."
"Tell me, please. Tell me the rest."
"The legend not only states who you are, your power, and your duty, but it has something more. It talks about the chosen one not being complete."
"Yes, its says that even though the chosen one's power in hidden inside, she will not be complete. Therefor, a single man will be born who will be the missing piece. Until the chosen one finds her hidden power, this man will be her protector and guide her to the hidden power that lies within her."
"So you're saying Phoenix is a part of me?"
"Yes, he is, and since you found your power, he is not needed anymore."
"He isn't real?"
"No, he is not a living thing, but only a missing piece of a puzzle."
"How can that be? When I first made contact with him, I felt his feelings and saw images. How can he not be real if I had those things?"
"Well, tell me, what was he feeling."
"He was angry, but yet sad and lonely."
"Exactly. That is what you feel and that is why he felt it too. He was feeling what you were feeling."
"What do you mean?"
"Were you angry?"
"Yes, of course I was, but what does that have to do with it?"
"Tell me why you were angry."
"I was angry because I could have saved my mother and sister, but instead I ran away like a coward, but I..."
"...And were you lonely?"
"Yes, I haven't been able to be around people, but what..."
"...And you were sad because of everyone dying right?" She nodded. "Now do you understand?"
"But what about the images?"
"Think about it, what did the images remind you of?"
"Well, I remember seeing a woman die and a demon chasing...a...girl. That was me, wasn't it?"
"Yes, it was your mother dying and that demon chasing you.'
"Then why did I feel evil inside of him?"
"What is evil? Isn't evil an empty space with no feeling and no love? You were feeling the missing part."
"The missing part of me?"
"Yes, it was your missing part, but now you are complete."
"But that's not fair!" She hit the ground with her fist.
"What's not fair?"
"That he should die, just because I found my hidden power!"
"Why shouldn't he die, huh? Why?!" His voice rose.
"Because...I love him." She turned to Phoenix. "Did you here! I love you, Phoenix! I love you!" She began to weep once more. "I love you..."
Suddenly, Phoenix's body began to glow. Melly crawled back a little.
"What happening?"
"There's more to the legend. This one man can become complete and live on when the chosen one tells him what is in her heart."
Melly just stared as Phoenix was lifted off the ground and stood upright still glowing. His bruises and broken bones were healed. Then Phoenix opened his eyes and the glowing went away. Melly bursts into tears and ran up to him. She threw her arms around him and Phoenix just stood there, not really knowing what happened.
"Phoenix, you're alright, thank God you're alright." She looked up at him.
"Hey, why wouldn't I be alright?" He smiled down at her.
"Well, it looks like the legend was true all along." Stanton walked up to them.
"Stanton? How, when..." Phoenix stuttered.
"Never mind, Phoenix, never mind, just enjoy the moment." Stanton laughed and began to walk back towards his old cottage.
"Wait, Stanton!" Melly let go of Phoenix and ran up to Stanton. "Thank you, for all of your help."
"My dear, I didn't do anything, it was all you." He turned around and walked on whistling a small tune.
"What was that all about and what happened to the cave?" Phoenix walked up and stood behind Melly.
"Oh, never mind, Phoenix, never mind. I'll tell you all about it one of these days."