Introduction: This is an anthology series I'm working, combining all of the short stories I've been working on over the course of four years. Some stories are still intact, while others no longer exist; Three Brothers of War being my first example. And that was supposed to be a series, but long since gone, and so does Galaxy Pegacorn. Galaxy Pegacorn was one of my favourite stories i worked on, and it was supposed to be made as a birthday gift for my best friend on DA, who's no longer active (i don't know what her name was anymore). But i love it so much, i wanted to turn it into a series. A magical boy, Sci-fi, High School Dramedy set in the 90s. Unfortunately, that too no longer exist, nor do i expect to remake it in the future. Especially being one of my precursors to my own universe, The Joshuaverse. I was also working on an anthology series as well, mostly inspired by Cyberpunk stories-But i no longer have any interest in Cyberpunk, and thus decided to create stories with the darkness of present time, but the hopes for a bright future. Thus showcasing you some of the short stories about the light and dark sides into our future. Hope you can find one that's your favourite and have fun.