It is the year 2399, a time of peace and friendship across the galaxy. But as time goes on, some humans become corrupted and restless. Some humans have now colonized an alien planet of YS-479, under the corporation of OmniGal. They created an AI called Goliath, who was originally programmed to monitor the planet's progress. But only a few years before now, transformed the human inhabitants on the planet into androids to follow his commands, and turned the planet from a precious earth like world into a machine. A peacekeeping organization called the United Alliance of Worlds, noticed Goliath corrupting the planet as they plan to liberate the planet regardless of sacrificing the poor souls who are all under the influence of Goliath. But just as the Valiant soldiers from the alliance fight for this once potential peaceful terrestrial planet, Goliath established a planetary defence force to defend YS-479 against the organic scum from the stars. Collecting the human DNA structures with animals based on both factual and mythical creatures from earth, they created a new breed of humanoid creatures that uses their minds to use anything they want, from everyday devices, to military vehicles. They're called Tribrids. And one of them is what we'll be focusing on.

A corporate Fighter pilot using a special Starfighter that defends the outer city of Goliath Central who's named Xalphon. Otherwise known as ManDogUnicorn. He has the horn and magical powers of a unicorn, ears and tail of a dog that also crosses with a unicorn's tail. He is among one of the kindest, but quite responsible pilot for the Corporate Military. All day, everyday spending his time battling against alliance liberation attempts, until one day when the moon is full blue, he's about to uncover a terrifying truth about him walking along with his fake human people he works with. After a long day of working, he return to his apartment, takes off his jacket, and uses his computer to check his email. But receives an anonymous message who tells him of the horrible truth. Goliath has already replaced humanity, and the ones who are human, lives in the farthest reaches of space, lived on other alien planets that also have interesting resemblances to Earth. So poor Xal must find a way to stop Goliath from turning more humans into robots, and help the alliance liberate YS-479 from the Rouge AI that manipulates his mind and controls him to kill all the heroic pilots from saving this once peaceful planet. He tries to sneak into Goliath Central itself for a head on suicide mission to shut it down, but backfired when he gets spotted. He merely escapes from the system's security, and manages to escape into the outskirts of Goliath, living in the forest where Goliath can't reach him any longer. He becomes a part of the planet's nature as if that this is his entire home now. But just after few peaceful days out in the jungle, a girl named Jayne visits the jungle alone, with no one with her sees all the beautiful animals, and spots Xal. She tries to follow him, but he tries to tell her to go back where she came before something terrible may happen to her, but unfortunately his voice was long lost when he removed all of his technologies while he escaped from Goliath. She ignores all of it and eventually catches on his back, actually trying to play with him, as he realized what she wants to have is a pet, and gives him a new name Mandu. Jayne takes Mandu to a small colony where she and a few remaining humans live in. and as time goes on, she does take good care of Mandu despite the fact that he may not have the ability to speak. But thankfully a local teacher of hers teaches him how to properly speak in human language in the same as he used to speak when he was back at Goliath. He eventually becomes part of the humans, but still vows to destroy Goliath for making him who he was. But just as he goes back to face off Goliath, Jayne follows him to Goliath, and tries to figure out why he has to face this rouge AI alone. But as soon as she gets closer and closer with him to enemy territory, she gets captured as he heard and plans to make a rescue mission with his magical powers. He quickly disguises himself as one of the staff members for Goliath, and sneaks in to create a new avatar for his once used Starfighter, as a way out for him and Jayne before he goes in to save her from being turned into an android. He does succeed, but is quickly caught by the staff members and tries to escape. In a last ditch effort, he remotely activates his Starfighter and the two escapes on said Starfighter, returning to the Colony.

And who could send him the anonymous message long before all of this? Why it's the elder but loyal leader of the colony who told him about this horrifying truth. And Mandu now plans for a head on assault against Goliath. They plan to shut it down with a virus that could destroy all androids on the planet, while others prefer a more tactical advantage to combat Goliath physically, and boy does that sounds stupid enough, right? But they plan their attack anyway as Mandu and his allies' battle for liberation along with the Alliance once again after locking down the hangers that keeps all the Starfighters from launching. Mandu and Jayne storm through the Electronic Fortress until eventually reaching to Goliath itself before installing the virus into Goliath, destroying him and his android army in the process. Relieved after the moment of truth, Jayne snuggles Mandu before he snuggles back to his younger, adorable master.

Nine years passed, YS-479 has grown to a beautiful planet as she and Mandu wanted. As both humans and the alliance began rebuilding their civilization on the planet. And while this maybe the last of Goliath, there are other worlds outside of YS-479 that are in need of the alliance. And what news would be reported to OmniGal after Goliath's revolt and the liberation by The Alliance on the planet? That's a story that...won't catch on. It's just a one shot story, anyway.