The wind blew lightly. The waves drifted in a pattern over the ocean. Near the secluded New Jersey beach, a girl sat by the edge of it, longing for something. Maybe, even someone.

Perry was a special girl. Although she was ten years old, she had the demeanor and intelligence of an eighteen year old. This made her family highly respect her, and it solidified her as someone who could look over her little sister, Tara, if they were gone. But unfortunately, that hard reality was what Perry had been going through for about six months now. The time prior, Perry's father, Nolan, went missing out of nowhere. Everyone had hung out as a family the previous night, and the next morning, Perry found him missing in his room. Everybody's working theory was that he had been kidnapped, and it sounded likely, too. But then, the more that Perry looked around, she realized something. He wasn't kidnapped. He left with an intention.

Perry's heart shattered. She never anticipated that her own father would just up and leave her family like this. He was doing so well the night before. Perry's mother, Melanie, was also as heartbroken as Perry herself was. She had been so destroyed by this event that she relapsed and went back to her drinking problem she had kept long-dormant since her early twenties. Perry kept to herself about it, but she still knew something was wrong when she began to see her mind collapse over time. When she was under the influence, Melanie wasn't her mom. She was just a blur. It made her sick to her stomach, and it hurt, emotionally and physically.

Those months dealing with her family after her father left were the hardest months that Perry ever had to live through. She was just left to pick up the pieces of a broken family. And then, the dreaded day came. The day where her mother was just.. gone. She was, again, under the influence, and it only took a few minutes for her car to drag her into the lake near her friend's place. Perry broke down completely, and Tara was just left to bear witness to it all. The next day, Perry was walking through the house trying to reminisce about her parents, when she came across a note on her mother's work desk. She opened the note.

hey. sorry if i scared you. it wasnt

my intention. some things came up,

and i wasnt feeling good. so now

im sorry to say it like this but it's not

like i have a choice. im unable to take

care of you anymore. i left you a super

large sum of money in the desk drawer.

use it for emergencies to take care of your

sister. thank you. and again, im so sorry

that it had to end this way. but thats

just how the world works. youll get used

to it, im sure.

much love, mom

Words never fell out of Perry in that moment. In fact, they were unable to escape her. She could only feel the tears dripping down her face and nothing more. Tara came in to check on her, and for her age, she could tell that she wasn't okay. Ever since those events occured, Perry continued to live and take care of Tara on the secluded beach house.

Perry's only method of finding peace was to just sit down on the edge of the beach and watch the sun rise in the distance. Something about seeing the sky somewhat dark, and the the orange glow rising amongst the ocean, ultimately turning the sky a bright blue just made her feel happy. Like there was still life out there in the world. Modern day, and Perry still continues watching the rising sun. Tara quietly steps out of the front door of the house, not wanting to disturb her sister. "Perry?" Tara called out. "Yeah?" Perry replied, not breaking her focus from the ocean. "Are we gonna leave?" Tara questioned. "No, Tara. We can't leave. There's nowhere to go," Perry answered, with a hint of sadness in her voice. "Oh.. that's sad.." Tara walks back into the house. Perry sighs. Even though Perry thought of her little sister as slightly annoying sometimes, she still cared about her deeply. And she cared even more about her now because she was the only bit of a family left behind for Perry to enjoy. She was the only friend she ever had, and will ever be. Tara then walks back out of the front door, still not wanting to disturb Perry.

"Perry?" Tara called out. "Yes, Tara?" Perry replied, now sounding more stressed out at her. "Are we gonna leave?" Tara questioned. Perry, in a fit of rage, almost immediately rushes up and dashes towards the house. Tara runs back in, terrified, but Perry manages to catch her and hold her to the ground by her wrists. Perry snaps. "Listen to me, you dumbass. You don't understand what our condition is right now. No, we can't leave. We have to stay so we both don't die out there! So for the love of god, just get it through your fricking head that we can't leave, and accept the fact that our parents are both dead! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, TARA?!"

Perry grabs her wrists tighter, desperately and aggressively trying to have her point proven. "It... hurts.. " Tara replied through her tears. Those two words were enough to say something in Perry and she lets go. Her holding down Tara's wrists leaves a bruise on both of them. Tara sits up and slides back to the wall, terrified that Perry is going to do it again. "Tara, I'm sorry. I.. I don't know what got into me. I'm just so stressed out about everything that-" "-that you wanna take it out on me?" Tara snaps back. Perry was surprised that she could have such a mature response like that, but she didn't care about that right now. "Tara, we're going through a really rough time right now. Dad's missing, Mom's.. not here, and she left me to take care of you. I didn't wanna hurt you. I'm just trying to grasp all of this still. I hope you can understand that I just wanna keep you safe. Can you forgive me?" Perry asked. Tara looks at herself and looks sad. She crawls over to Perry and hugs her. Perry hugs Tara back, smiling. "I love you, sis," Perry said. "I-I love you too, Perry," Tara said back. The two forgive each other as the sky turns blue through the window.