Long ago, when the world was young, it was called, "Heart" instead of "Earth", because both were two different words with separate meanings, yet same letters.

In this old world lived the Humans, who still exist today. But there were two others who are lost through time: the Lung-gill and the Steelings.

The Lung-gill were aquatic beings who had roles reversals with men and women, going so far as having pink men and blue women. They were also well-known synesthetes, which meant they could see sounds as colors or see numbers and letters in rainbow..

The Steelings had bones as sharp as steel, with bone partially coming out of their elbows and knees. They had bald heads regardless of gender. They lived in one of three volcanoes in the land and were used to the heat. They were red-skinned with even-darker sweat like blood.

The land at the time was as worse as it ever could. It was frail and crops were dying.

Three young children of each of the three peoples were destined to come together to save the world and become the Heroes of Heart.


Two non-Humans made their way into the center of a Human village all the way on top of a hill. Two young children followed closely at their sides.

A bald Steelling walked with a red tunic and tights holding a small, bald little girl in a blouse and skirts in his hand.

A blue woman in a tankiini and tentacles for hair stood behind a young blue boy in tentacles and shorts and a tank top.

A young Human woman stood vigil out the window. Her dark complection and ebony hair was easy to see in the moonlight. She wore an orange flamenco dress which went down to her ankles.

In her arms was a baby, no more than a few months old in swaddling clothes.

As soon as the two groups made their way up to the cottage, the Human woman headed straight for the door.

Another gentleman beat her to it. He was overweight and had on a sweater and jeans that pooked out his fat stomach.

"Well, it's about time you got here!" the man complained. "Such slothery from two supposed great leaders!"

The blue woman frowned. "It's not like we want to be here!"

The ebony-haired woman pushed the fat man aside to welcome the guests.

"You all must be tired from your journeys," she said as she curtsied. "Come, come in!"

"Ah! You must be Twyla, am I right?" asked the Lung-gill woman as she came in. "I knew there was a reason my husband likes you! And there must be something kind about your husband, too, for someone like yourself to marry him."

"I resent that!" the overweight man argued.

"I only speak the truth!" the Lung-gill woman spat.

Twyla got between them.

"Hared, Marina, please! This is supposed to be a peaceful gathering!"

The fourth adult in the room shook his head. He noticed the Lung-gill boy cowering in a corner. He walked over to him.

"Hey, there, little guy,. My name's Marshall," he spoke in a calming voice. "It's okay. Sometimes adults fight."

"I-I'm Guppy," the young Lung-Gill stammered. "M-My parents hardly fight. When they do, Mommy usually wins."

Hared and Marina were currently staring each other down. Twyla decided to change tactics.

"Would you care for some drinks? Come and sit down.

Marina relaxed. She allowed herself to be lead to a table. Hared smirked and followed.

"Could you please watch over the children?" she asked Marshall.

"Sure thing! I uh-"

Marshall was cut off as the baby was pushed into his arms.

"Sorry, I normally wouldn't leave my little Harriet with someone, bit I'm entertaining. And after all, I'll have to deal with that fact from today on,"

Hared and Marina sat at a table waiting.

Twyla came with a red liquid to pour into their glasses.

Marina took a sip, then spat it out.

"This isn't wine! It's grape juice!"

Hared laughed. "My wife made this a dry village! There's no alcohol!"

Marina squinted.

"I should've known. The label says, 'grape'".

Hared was intrigued. "You can see the letters in different colors, eh?"

"Why? You jealous?"

It seemed nothing could stop the two from arguing.

Marshall and Guppy were talking in the other room.

"My Mom says I have to live with Mrs. Twyla, now," said Guppy.

"That's okay, Twyla's a nice lady and you'll see your real parents on the weekends," Marshall explained.

"Why can't I stay with my mommy and daddy? Why does Mr. Hared have to take care of me, too?" Guppy pleaded.

"Well, Hared isn't pleasant, I'll give ya that, but you must stay here for a reason and that is-"

Then when Marshall was talking to Guppy, the Steeling girl ran away. She headed for the door to the outside.

Marshall ran after her and put himself between the door and his daughter. She grabbed his leg-without touching his leg bone.

"Oh, Daddy!" the young girl out cried. "Do I really have to go?!"

Marshall picked her up and held her in his arms.

"I'm afraid so, Sweetie," he answered. "It's tradition that when evil in the world is slowly creeping around the corner that the leaders of the three people shall come together to stop it. If time allows it, their children will grow in place of them to give them training. Evil is rising, and you are all young, so it must be done."

"What is the evil?" asked Guppy, although the sound of it made his blood run cold.

"It is not a man, but a thing," Marina spoke up. "A thing is poisoning our crops and polluting our rivers and even the Great Ocean. We aren't sure what's causing it, but we're sure you three can find out."

"So let me get this straight. Guppy will go live with the Humans, Harriet will live with I and my wife and Fiery will live with the Lung-gill,"Marshall said, "Right"?

"Right" answered Twyla. "And they will train until Harriet is of 18 years,"

Soon, it was time to leave. Marina held Fiery's hand, Marshall held Harriet in his arms and Guppy stood by the window with Twyla, watching his mother go.