I guess this is finally happening. The one thing I really wanted in life was to fight the great battle of our time. And I guess it's happening, all I remember was I climbing into a large green truck and all around me sat other men, all of whom were much younger than me. I couldn't help feeling a little, out of place. But regardless I took my seat and we all sat there in awkward silence as we waited out the bumpy drive. It couldn't of been longer than 30/40 minutes, and I couldn't tell if I found it long or short, cause before I knew it we were all piling out. I was last one out. And the exact space in time I found myself was right there, watching the truck drive away and I found myself looking around what's sure to be home the next month or so. It was surrounded all over with tents. Only one actual building laid in the middle, and it's more like a small school than anything else, even found the windows I can see desks all around, all facing a chalkboard. I don't know what I was expecting. I guess this.

I already hear some distant marching and look behind me to see a small group. The drill sargeant yelling something that couldn't be made out from my distance. Or the robotic unison'd response from the group. Only thing I did know was it had to be a song.. Hell it could be Shoo-Shoo Baby for all I knew.

"Welcome aboard Thomas." came a sudden voice made which me jump out of my skin and spring around only to find a face I hadn't seen in forever.

"Tom?" I asked. And his directed "yep" only confirmed it, it was him alright. Tom Cow, yeah really his name is Tom Cow. He surprisingly wasn't as bullied as you'd think. The man knew how to throw down. The one guy who hit his sister ended up with a broken nose and even a dented out locker from the fight. Nobody messed with him after that. It's for this that I wasn't either. Tom kept me safe. He clearly was only my friend to get with my cousin Abby. But I was fine with that, I mean I wasn't overly close to Abby anyway, so it really don't matter.

"Your here two?" Tom asked, already having his hair shaved. He never had much hair anyway, surprised they even bothered. But it was just a habit the army kept after the Great War. I guess it's a way of making you feel more part of the group.

"Yeah. Should of known you'd be here." I replied.

"Yeah my mom and sister were not happy, but I still felt I had too. I mean someone did." Tom replied. "Anyway Thomas, I'm sorry to hear about..."

"Thanks." I immediately said. I knew what words it was going to be, and I didn't want to hear them. Tom seemed to understand this and moved on by saying it's a nice day. I simply respond with a small "yep".