"The Sensational Night Shadow in… Adara's Deception"

Chapter 9

Created by The Spectacular SpiderDom

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~Meanwhile at The Void League's New HQ…

Technolocity, who finished cleaning the mess of food he and his friends made, sat on the couch staring at the television. He was watching a documentary about penguins before it was interrupted by the News Blues Channel Station.

There, an African-American news reporter with dark skin, hazel brown eyes, a purple suit, grey pants, a red tie, and shiny black dress shoes sat by his desk and read the news.

A little screen popped up next to him and it showed black and white security footage of the fight between all seven heroes and their two new villains. Technolocity leaned forward and pressed his hands together, disappointed that another Elemental has entered Seattle's domain; however, he was more focused on what the news reporter had to say.

"This news just in! The Huffleklaw Mall Center in Seattle, Washington was just a superhero fighting ground moments ago. Seattle's heroes, The Seattle Strikers were fighting against two vigilantes. One with air-based powers and the other one with a variety of abilities. No one knows the identity of the female attacker; however, Seattle Police Department has been able to identify the air bender as former Los Angeles vigilante, Turbine. As police were investigating the scene, amateur footage of a battle between Pyro Lad and Turbine has surfaced online."

The scene changed to a poor-quality video of Pyro Lad and Turbine fighting on the train. Technolocity's green eyes widened when he saw the latter use his Elemental powers and even gasped once he saw the former smash against the exit door. Then, the video shifted to a different perspective, where Pyro Lad and Valentine were peace-talking Turbine. Thankfully, they couldn't see any of the heroes' faces as they were shot from the backside. Plus, Monsoon Gal and Frosty Beetle, who stood there listening to the conversation, got in everyone's way.

Technolocity, despite knowing Mason Moonstone and Night Shadow are the same person, didn't care about the identities of everyone else. Although, seeing Pyro Lad's scarf and goggles in his hands made him curious as to what the context behind this talk was.

But what caught him off guard was when another woman showed up behind Turbine, one whose fingers sparked electricity. Technolocity tilted his head to the right and zoomed in with his lenses, hoping to get a good look at her face. Sadly, the camera was blurry, the person kept shaking it, and by the time they got it adjusted, Turbine and the woman were already gone. Technolocity rolled his eyes.

Don't you just hate it when someone can't film properly?

The news reporter resumed. "What people expected to be a brutal battle turned out to be an anticlimactic finish. The Seattle Strikers and Canadian vigilantes: The Dope Squad, were seen leaving the subway station shortly after the fight. No one knows exactly where Turbine and his new partner went off to, but we can all hope that Seattle's beloved heroes will catch them in no time. Captain Darla Prescott of The Seattle Police Department has stated that Turbine and the unidentified woman are now part of Sector Nine's most wanted list. For those who don't remember or who are unaware, just a few days ago… multiple supervillains have escaped from the Sector Nine prison facility located on the corner of Bainbridge Island. The escapees include Technolocity, Melody, Raven, Tender Soul, Mojo, Titanium Rabbit, Edwin Alonzo, and Nagini the Viper. Ketchup King and Mustard Queen were on this list, but they've been removed since they're not seen as a deadly threat."

Technolocity shrugged his shoulders.

"That's all tonight for this episode, I'm Jettison Jabari and I'll see you another episode of News Blues!"

The supervillain leaned against the couch and watched the outro.

Just then, he heard the front door open, and he looked towards it, seeing three familiar figures waltz through.

Madelyn Lu: Melody, a French-American, white-skinned woman with bun-tied blonde hair and blue eyes. She walked inside wearing a purple vest over a white shirt, dark purple jeans with black shoes. On said vest were pins of her favorite instruments: a violin, a clarinet, and a flute.

Leonardo Mennes: Raven, a French-Spanish man with messy red hair and brown eyes. Wearing a red and white striped shirt, he had navy blue jeans and black shoes. He cracked his fingers upon walking inside, which were covered in blue and purple fingerless gloves.

Last but not least, the most tender of the bunch, Harrison Ave: Tender Soul. An Italian man with greenish-yellow eyes and short brown hair. His attire consisted of a purple flat cap with a red vertical stripe towards the top and the bill was red. He had a purple jacket with a black collar and dark grey pants. He was listening to music from his blue-black headphones, and he bopped his head to the beat.

Just before their master could greet them, a loud stomp came from the back door.

"Whooooo-wee! That was one helluva workout! Better than those bench presses I did at home!"

Mojo the Pink Gorilla, a humongous, bulky ape whose fur was that of her namesake. She came through the kitchen wearing her usual military garb: a tactical vest printed in blue and black camouflage colors, large black elbow and knee pads, maroon, green pants with a purple stripe running down each side, brown fingerless gloves, and black combat boots with a green stripe along with the heels. She tightened her red bandana and drained it from the sweat.

Of course, she didn't drain it in the sink, she did it on the floor.

Everyone noticed that and cringed.

"Really, Mojo?" Technolocity asked annoyingly.

"What? You can just have that little robot vacuum clean it up."

"Oh, you mean… this vacuum?" Technolocity said, holding up a small robot vacuum cleaner whose base was completely covered in pink fur.

The gorilla stood there with a proud smile. "Yes, that one! Does a pretty good job cleaning up my little furballs!"

Technolocity cringed and tossed the machine aside. "Anyway, how was everyone's evening?"

"Pretty damn good!" Mojo stretched her arms and legs. "Did some nice exercises out by the lake. Scared the hell out of some kids, but that's all right. That just meant I had the pool all to myself."

"Harry, Leo, and I just went for a small night on the town," Madelyn replied, stretching her arms. "It was nice to explore the city out of costume for a change. Though, I've always enjoyed jumping off of rooftops."

"And falling into dumpsters like a certain someone," Harry nudged the pink ape, who snarled in his face.

"One time! ONE TIME!"

Leo facepalmed and sighed. "Anyways… how was your night, Sir? Did you do anything fun?"

"Nothing much aside from shooting the shit with Marlon and Clementine," Technolocity replied. "They say hi by the way. I was just watching a documentary about penguins when I… caught wind of the news."

Mojo, who had Harry trapped in a headlock, looked over and said, "What were they whining about this time? Another celebrity investing in cheap monkey art?"

"No, it was something worse… actually, never mind. Nothing is worse than that," the supervillain replied. He rewound the footage he just watched and played it back. "This is what I found."

The Void League sat and watched footage of their enemies fighting against a mysterious stranger and a figure from their past.

"Wait… is that who I think it is?" Leo inquired with concern.

"Who's that?" Mojo asked, releasing Harry from his punishment. The speedster coughed and gasped for air.

"H-hey!" Harry pointed at the TV. "That's… that's what's his name, right? Pyro Lad's brother?"

"Turbine," Madelyn chimed in. "He abandoned the Strikers nine years ago and traveled to Los Angeles."

"Well, he's certainly far from home, isn't he?" Harry said.

"What's he doing here?" Leo asked.

"Wait, hold on. Time out, time out, Matchstick has a brother?" Mojo questioned.

"Yes," Technolocity nodded. "When Project: Eiffel was first being developed, Turbine was part of the group that stopped it, but he left as soon as one of our missions was over. He tried to kill us back when the project itself started, but Pyro Lad and Monsoon Gal kept him off of our backs. Since then, he's been on his own."

"How much do you want to bet he's looking for us?" Harry gulped.

"You're scared of him?" Mojo joked. "That guy's wearing a frisbee for a hat, what's so scary about him?"

"Don't underestimate him, Mojo," Madelyn said. "He's got the Elemental Demon of Air and he knows how to use it right. He's much more brutal than his brother and his teammates… god forbid we ever have to face him."

"Ah, you guys are a bunch of babies," Mojo dismissively waved at her teammates. She then whipped out one of her large pistols and spun it around. "One shot from his bad boy and he'll be gasping for air… heh, damn! All of this talk about fighting makes me want to go out and fight. I missed smacking Night Shadow around like a chew toy."

"Can't do that now, we're on break," Leo shook his head.

"Actually… break time might be over soon," Technolocity spoke up, sounding both nervous and determined. "I know it hasn't been long, but given that Turbine is in the area… we might as well seize this opportunity to grab the five Elemental Demons here in the city."

"And assuming Felix finishes his mission in Hawaii, we'll have six," Madelyn smiled.

Technolocity froze for a moment. "…right."

"Which leads us to the last one," Leo added. "But we have no idea where it could be?"

"We'll worry about the Elemental Demon of Light later," Technolocity said. "Baby steps are what we gotta take. I'm still undecided about our next plan, but I'll think of something soon. Get some rest, everyone. I'll let you all know what we're doing tomorrow morning."

"Very well… good night, Master," Leo bowed.

"Good night," Harry yawned.

"Sleep tight," Madelyn smiled at everyone.

"Shoot the bed bugs if they bite," Mojo said.

When everyone walked off, Technolocity was left alone.

He paused the television and sat quietly, staring at an image of Night Shadow running to protect his friends.

Staring at the superhero's face brought back memories, memories that he probably wouldn't share with anyone else.

With a deep sigh, he turned off the television and walked off to his bedroom, hoping for a brighter new day.

~In the city of Olympia, Washington…

Stationed only an hour away from Seattle, the city of Olympia was as bright and colorful as its emerald counterpart. Just like the rest of the West Coast, technology has sharpened how people live and operate. Cars flew through the skies and drove through crowded roads filled with people trying to get home to their loved ones and/or having a night on the town.

But two people weren't in the mood to celebrate anything tonight.

In a tall building titled The Preygermann Hotel, Billy Adara and his partner, Emilia Estevez sat in their small apartment, recovering from the battle they've just had.

Their humble abode was nothing special other than a brown-orangish walled apartment with a bed placed smack in the middle and a television screen placed right across from it. A desk stood against the window with newspapers, pictures, and other documents containing news about The Void League, The Seattle Strikers, and many more. The carpet was dark green with orange and purple flowers printed all over it and a lamp sitting on a nightstand provided enough light for Emilia to look over her friend's wounds.

Thanks to the Elemental Demon's healing abilities, most of Billy's small injuries were cleaned; however, some of the more severe ones were still there, which led Emilia to tend to them with some clothes, cold water, and some bandages.

Billy sat on a brown chair with his shirt off and the pants of his costume on. His straw hat hung over his desk's chair, revealing his bald head. His scars were also more noticeable, which made him remember how he got them. Emilia herself had her costume hanging in the closet, leaving her to wear a grey tank top with brown yoga pants and socks with images of whales on them.

She pressed her cloth down on Billy's bloody back wound, taking a deep breath.

This moment of silence lasted a while before she finally decided to speak.

"So… are you going to tell me what happened back there?" she asked.

Billy steered his head towards her and said, "What?"

"One moment, you and your brother were fighting… but when I arrived on the train, it looked like something happened between you two," she added, patching his scrape.

"He… told me a little bit about his new teammates out of costume… he didn't say who they were, but he said enough for me to know…" he stopped and released a low sigh. "…that I was hunting the wrong people."

"I figured. Given what Valentine showed us, I had a hunch she wouldn't know anything about Alonzo's whereabouts… actually… sorry for the slight topic change, but why are you so concerned with finding him first? Wasn't Technolocity your main priority?"

"He is… but Alonzo and Nagini are the most dangerous. The latter's got hypnosis, poison venom, and can turn anyone into a freak just like her. As for her ex-husband, well… his powers are something else. Thanks to some Cybernetic thingamajigs, he's got the power to copy me, Night Shadow, Monsoon Gal, Pyro Lad, and Frosty Beetle's biodata."

"…in English, that means?"

"That he can mimic our powers."

"Merda," ("Shit,")

"I know… he'll probably struggle if he ever fought against you."

"Is that so?" she asked flirtatiously, soaking another cloth in water. "Are you saying that because you're afraid of calling me weak or is it because you have a secret crush on me?"

Billy playfully shrugged. "Why not both?"

Emilia chuckled and kept cleaning his wound. "In all seriousness, why do you think I can beat him?"

"Because of your bionics abilities. He programmed himself to only copy biodata from The Elemental Demons."

"Ah, gotcha… everyone in Seattle seems so fascinated with them. Sooner or later, someone's going to be selling Elemental powers like crack."

"Oh, god. Please don't joke about that," Billy chortled.

Both of them shared a short laugh.

"I'm sorry to get you involved in all of this," he continued, lowering his head in guilt. "I've wanted your help for a while, but… I wasn't sure how to approach you about it."

"And you believed lying to your teammates and pretending I was some blood-thirsty assassin was the best way?" Emilia inquired.

"Well… the plan sounded better on paper."

"What we did tonight was awful… I don't mind helping you hunt down the villains, but I don't appreciate the fact you lied to your family. There could have been multiple ways to approach this without lying."

"I know… but what I'm doing is something they wouldn't understand."

"You're not giving them enough credit," Emilia said. "I don't know The Seattle Strikers personally, but I can tell from the way they coordinate one another in battle, that they're smarter than you think. I'm sure they would have helped you overcome your troubles if you approached them, and maybe they could have helped me get closer to my own goal."

"Then why not go join them yourself? They'd probably help with what you need."

"I could do that… but I won't."


"Because I made a promise to help you… and I intend to keep it."

Both of them shared a glance.

Staring deep into each other's eyes, both of them nodded before Billy turned away, looking back down on the floor.

"…thanks, Emilia."

"Prego," she replied. ("You're welcome")

Aella sat on top of her master's shoulder the whole time with a stern look on her face. Her back was turned away from him and he noticed this. He leaned over to stroke her back, but she turned away and mumbled under her breath.

Billy nodded and left his demon to herself.

He had many regrets for tonight… but they weren't going to stop him from fulfilling his wishes.

Even if it did hurt the ones he cared about.

~Inside Street Dawg Munchies…

Speaking of people he loved, Night Shadow was on the phone with Jerry Vanderhoff. He would have called Sydney, but he assumed she was sleeping by now. Since his best friend was known to be a night owl, he figured he'd call him and tell him everything.

"You're kidding…" Jerry said with a gasp, horrified by the story he just heard.

"I wish I was," his best friend replied. "But that's what happened."

"Jesus… you've told me a bit about Turbine, but I never would have thought he'd stoop that low. I have no sympathy for people like that."

"Neither do I… I just wish it didn't have to be him."

"I'm sorry, man… I can't imagine how everyone's feeling right now. Speaking of that… how is everyone?"

"Monsoon Gal and Frosty Beetle are with Pyro Lad in one of the bouncy house rooms. I'm going to check up on them in a bit, but for now, I'm giving them some space. Gavroche has been sitting on the roof for the past twenty minutes and The Dope Squad… well, Sagittarius and Poncho Mom are comforting Valentine. She's in pretty rough shape."

"How bad was she hurt?"

"Physically, not much. Emotionally… too much for words."

"Damn… just curious, why did Turbine think she worked for Edwin Alonzo again?"

"I'd like to tell you, but I can't. It's too personal to tell."

"I understand… must be some type of superhero secrecy thing or something. I won't force it out of you. Just tell her everything's going to be okay and that she has people that love her."

Night Shadow smiled. "Will do."

Jerry yawned. "Sorry… I should get some sleep. I have a long day of gardening tomorrow… picking up weeds… whoopie said no one ever."

His heroic friend chuckled. "Ha-ha… see ya later, Jerry. Bonne nuit."

"Bonne nuit. See ya."

Night Shadow hung up the phone and looked over his shoulder, seeing The Dope Squad sitting by one of the tables.

Poncho Mom rubbed Valentine's back as the empath herself cuddled beside her boyfriend.

After sharing a nod with Dunnere, the superhero walked towards them and waved. "Bonjour."

The three vigilantes smiled back at him as Valentine wiped her nose with a tissue.

"Mind if I sit here?" he asked politely, pointing to the chair.

The trio shook their heads.

He sat down and took a deep breath. "How are you guys?"

"Well… let me just say this is the first time I've been interrogated," Sagittarius quipped, making the others snicker. "It kinda sucked. I do not want to repeat that again."

"It's also the first time I've been accused of working with a bad guy," Poncho Mom added. "I know some people in Vancouver see us as villains, but it was never to this extreme. What was Turbine on when he thought we worked for Edwin Alonzo?"

Both bionics glared at her when she said that.

"Oh…" she said, realizing her mistake. "…my bad."

"Real smooth," she said in BagByte's voice.

"Hey, listen," Night Shadow turned to Valentine. "Don't listen to anything Turbine said about you. He's wrong and you know it."

"I know," she sniffed. "I'm not too upset about that… I'm… upset because my past came back to haunt you guys. I was afraid something like this would happen."

"Most people would keep their past to themselves, but you opened up about it. You didn't leave us in the dark."

"But if I had kept my mouth shut, Turbine wouldn't have lied to you guys… maybe he could have rejoined the team."

"Maybe, but again… you did the right thing by opening up to me that night. Keeping something like that to yourself will only do more harm than good. Plus, how were we to know Turbine was listening? That is something is we couldn't control."

"You're right, but… I can't help but feel responsible."

"You shouldn't have to though," Sagittarius said, wrapping his arm around her. He brushed one of her tears off and pressed his forehead against hers. "Your past is in the past… if Turbine doesn't want to believe you're a good person, then that's his problem… not yours."

"Which leads me to ask this," Night Shadow chimed in with a warm smile. "Val… do you remember what I told you back then? I've said it before, and I'll say again – your past doesn't define who you are. The thing with us humans is that we learn to grow. We grow and learn from our mistakes, and we come back full force better than ever. And… look who you became today."

He paused for a quick second as The Dope Squad listened carefully.

"You have friends, you have someone to love, and most importantly, you have a team that'll back you up no matter what. And I'm not just talking about Sage and Poncho, I mean me and The Strikers as well. What I'm saying is that Turbine has his thoughts and yes, he did lie to us because he was so hellbent on chasing you; however, Turbine was the one who wasn't willing to listen to your plea, he was the one to set the ball rolling when he set up the whole lie. It was his fault all of this happened, and not yours. It was never yours. He may have meant all of those things, but that doesn't mean they're right…"

He stopped again, seeing warm smiles across the trio's faces.

"What is right, I believe, is that the past is nothing compared to the present you. I may not have known you for long, but I can tell based on what you showed me in your memories, that you've changed and grown so much as a person. And I, Sage, Poncho… heh, BagByte… Frosty, MG, and Pyro know you want to do the right thing. We want to get to know more about you and learning about your past is a start. It allows us to help you move on and bury those memories in the dirt… we'll always be here for you, okay?"

Night Shadow leaned forward and finished his speech with three words. "Never forget that."

The Dope Squad shared their smiles with one another, and Valentine cleaned her eyes once more. With a warm smile, she clenched her fists and reached over, offering to fist bump her new friend. Night Shadow did just that and he mimicked the sound of an explosion. Poncho Mom and Sagittarius chuckled, and the latter kissed his girlfriend's forehead.

"Couldn't have said it better myself," he smiled. "I love you, babe."

"I love you too," Valentine said, leaning against his shoulder again.

Night Shadow got up from his seat and said, "I'll give you guys some space. I'm going to check on my teammates in the other room. See you three in a bit."

"See ya," Sagittarius winked.

"Thank you again," Valentine smiled.

"Love me forever," Poncho Mom whispered.

As he walked away, Night Shadow chuckled at that last comment and rolled his eyes. She'll shrink smaller than Ant-Man when she meets Sydney for the first time.

After strolling down the laboratory for a bit, he opened the door and entered the bouncy house room – where the area was infested with purple and blue inflatable courses on top of a decorated black carpet. It didn't take him long to find Monsoon Gal, Pyro Lad, and Frosty Beetle sitting on top of a large blue blow-up platform with a purple and turquoise rock climbing wall in the middle of it. Both women comforted their friend, who had his arms folded and his knees bent. Monsoon Gal kept rubbing his back and Frosty Beetle held his hand, leaning on his shoulder. They noticed their fourth and final member approach them and their moods lightened upon seeing him.

"Bonjour, my friends," he greeted, reaching for his weapons. "I'm just going to take these off so I don't accidentally pop the thing you're sitting on."

Both heroines chuckled while the Firestarter rolled his eyes.

Night Shadow slowly got up on the platform and almost tripped, but Dunnere shot his enlarged shadowy hand out and caught his master. He pushed him back on his feet, to which he was thanked. The black and blue hero sat beside his three friends and patted Pyro Lad's orange knees.

"How are you guys feeling?" he asked.

"We're fine… could be better," his aquatic leader answered with a sigh. "How's The Dope Squad?"

"They're okay. Valentine was a little upset, but I cheered her up."

"She has no right to feel that way," Pyro Lad said, clearing his throat. "This was never her doing."

"And I told her just that."

"Good… and so did I. I hope you all don't mind, but… I told her who I was when we were on the train. Well, technically, I didn't tell her directly. When I was talking to Billy, I showed her my face as I spoke highly of her and her teammates. I expressed who they were in and out of costume… they're gifted students with good hearts… I see successful futures for them... I'm sorry that I did that without warning, Alyssa."

"It's okay, Steven," Monsoon Gal replied, rubbing his back. "I've actually been wanting us to reveal ourselves to them for a while. I just wasn't sure when to do it."

"Not that I don't trust them to keep our identities a secret, but why do you think we should reveal ourselves?" Frosty Beetle inquired. "Shouldn't we keep ourselves a secret?"

"From the rest of the world, yes," the blue water bender nodded. "To our potential members of The Seattle Strikers, no."

"Billy said we don't know much about the three of them and he's right," the fire bender chimed in, sharing glances with his friends. "The more we know about each other, the closer we'll be on the battlefield, right?"

"Couldn't have said it better myself," the aquatic master smiled again, wrapping her arm around Night Shadow's neck. He smiled at her, and their four Elemental Demons gave each other hugs. "But of course, we won't go through with this plan if everyone's not okay with it. I don't want to make decisions without consulting other people first."

"Well, you're the leader so you get to make the decisions first," Night Shadow winked. "Besides… I think the four of us learning more about them is a good idea. Steven did tell us their names, but my point still stands."

"Same here. It'd be nice to have someone else to hang out with on weekends," Frosty Beetle chuckled.

"Then it's settled… we'll share our identities to The Dope Squad the next time we see them," Monsoon Gal said, releasing a loud yawn. "But for now… we should get some sleep. It's been a long night."

"Which reminds me…" Night Shadow said, turning to his pyrokinetic ally. "Are you going to be okay, Steven?"

Pyro Lad rubbed his eyes before saying, "Yeah… I'll be fine. Not gonna lie, this birthday could have been much worse."

"Worse? What can be worse than your own brother lying to you?"

"Well… I could be alone."

"You're never alone," Monsoon Gal reassured him. "We're here for you… forever and always."

Pyro Lad smiled. "Forever and always."

A moment of silence hit the team before they all jumped up on their feet.

Night Shadow grabbed his blades, placed them back in his belt, and walked alongside his teammates.

"Should we tell Bertram who we are too?" he asked. "I think we can trust him."

"I actually asked him before Lyra and I came in here," the water master answered. "He says he'd rather wait until he's proven himself more. Feels like it's something that should be earned."

"Hmm… I guess I can buy that."

"Speaking of identity reveals," a familiar voice spooked the heroes, causing them to turn around in fear.

Gavroche was on the other side of the room, and he closed the door behind him. "Sorry… didn't mean to startle you."

"We're going to need to get you a bell or something," Frosty Beetle said annoyingly. "You almost gave me a heart attack."

"How long were you listening?" Pyro Lad asked.

"I just walked in… heard you guys talking about telling Doctor Van Cyrus your alter-egos," Gavroche answered, approaching the group.

"And The Dope Squad too," Monsoon Gal said. "We think it can help boost the team's morale."

"Smart move… I respect that."

"Hey, Gavroche," Night Shadow said as he walked up and patted his shoulders. "Thanks for your help, my man. I know you were…" He was suddenly hit with a memory flash. "Ah, shit! That's right! You wanted to tell me something before I dragged you into this! Ha-ha, my bad!... anyways, what did you want to tell me? Was it something regarding your mission?"

"Hmm?... oh, yeah… right," the vigilante replied nervously. He cleared his throat and explained himself. "I was going to explain why I've been following you guys around lately. Some incidents like the chaos at Treedome were an accident whereas moments like The Cyber Realm were part of my mission… I've been hunting down a powerful figure for the past month and I think I'm on the verge of taking him down… problem is, the thing I need to complete my mission is locked somewhere safe… and I need you guys to help me get it. But first things first… Night Shadow… let me ask you something."

"Sure, what's up?"

"Do… you know who I am? Like, do you recognize my voice?"

Night Shadow stroked his chin. "You… sound somewhat familiar."

"Then let me see if you recognize this… Lám lám, csaknem a kedvenc szobrászom, Mason Moonstone." ("Well, if it isn't my favorite sculptor, Mason Moonstone.")

Hearing his full name and the language of Hungarian made Night Shadow's red eyes widen with shock. Dunnere's jaw dropped to the ground as he cupped his mouth and looked at his master, wondering if he thought the same thing he was thinking. From there, Night Shadow's heart jumped and his whole body was frozen in place.

Monsoon Gal, Pyro Lad, and Frosty Beetle shared a curious glance.

"What's going on?" the cryokinetic asked.

"What did he say?" the hydrokinetic scratched her head.

Night Shadow ignored their questions and approached Gavroche again. His voice shook as he asked this one question. "What… what does… what does beautiful mean in Swedish?"

His teammates were confused.

Gavroche chuckled before he said, "Vacker… almost sounds like fat cake."

There was a pause before the vigilante chortled again and spoke in a Swedish accent, "Datten penrosenn trianglenn projennct vassen reallyllyen somenndingngen, eh, Masonen?"

"How does he know your name?" Pyro Lad said in a cold voice.

He and the two heroines reached for their weapons.

"Who are you?" Monsoon Gal asked sternly.

But Night Shadow raised his hand up, signaling them to stand down.

He looked at the vigilante in his bright orange eyes once more and his mouth quivered. Many tears rolled down his cheeks, but he wiped them off as quickly as possible.

"If it's you… tell me right now."

Feeling like he's dragged this on long enough, Gavroche pulled back his hood and peeled off his mask.

Before everyone knew it, they were looking at a dark-skinned Hungarian man with violet eyes and hair as white as his bushy beard. A warm smile beamed from ear to ear as he looked relieved to see someone from his past.

"Hi, Mason…" he said. "…it's… good to see you again."

Night Shadow was in complete tears, but he couldn't muster up the courage to sob. Even if he did, he wasn't sure if it was out of happiness or out of anger and confusion. He removed his goggles and helmet, showing off his bloated red face. He stared deeply into the eyes of the green-hooded man and he shut his hazel eyes tightly, trying to comprehend what was happening.

He didn't know what to feel.





He just wasn't sure.

Dunnere's eyes widened, and he stroked his beard with shock.

Molten, Aqua, and Tundra shared surprised expressions.

As for The Seattle Strikers, they still didn't get it.

"I'll ask again," the leader snarled. "Who are you?"

The Hungarian man sighed and said…

"My name… is Felix Harbor." (2Stop)


Special shoutout to Ways the Lyoko Gem for allowing to give them a reference in this episode and for being an awesome friend, Night Shadow fan, and downright awesome person in general!

Quite silly to end this on a cliffhanger considering the series is being rewritten, I know. But let me assure you all, the remake will be great. Thanks for reading this far, ladies and gents. See you all for the eventual Night Shadow rewrite. ;)