So Psychonaughts 2 probably influenced this chapter.

So Gray became a ticket taker for the charity carnival, it was pretty dull and boring work, just sit there in the ticket booth and take peoples' tickets, exhilarating.

And to add injury to insult, that week there was particularly nasty heat wave in the area of Reed County where Twin Rivers was located, remember what I said about how Humanimals become cranky when overheated? So even with a tiny electric fan in the ticket booth with him, and all the Carnival lemonade he could drink, Gray was feeling hot, cranky and very, very bored he wished he could leave the ticket booth and go for a cooling swim, but he couldn't and then he started thinking about how if he would much rather be a performer at the carnival than a boring ticket taker, as he mulled on all he wished he could have he began to doze...

He dreamed once again of seeing Planet Mizzer from above, than he heard a voice in his head...'Your friends from the Track and Field Team are having fun in a nice and cool place...' Said the Voice '...They're playing poker and you could join them, but first you'll need some money to bet with...'

Gray immediately snapped out the Dream... "Oh man!" He said "Playing with my friends would be so much better than doing this boring job!"

Then he saw something in the dark corner of the ticket booth, a green metal box, that Gray knew the Cat Chairwoman Finn kept all of the charity money in, not thinking rationally at the moment and feeling slighted that Finn made him a ticket taker and not seeing his 'natural' talent Gray put a 'The Ticket Taker is taking a Break' sign up and putting the box under one of his great furry arms, concealing it just enough because now the sun was beginning to set and also there wasn't anymore customers currently in line at this hour, Gray made his speedy getaway. He knew where his Friends would be playing their games, at The Inventory which was designed like a 1930s Speakeasy but was really totally kid friendly, half video game arcade half a place where kids and teens could play board games and card games like poker. (Because Humanimals tend to mentally mature a bit faster than their human counterparts, Humanimals tend to easily grasp more mature games at younger ages)

The Inventory was located on the Island Part of Twin Rivers, the Charity Carnival was located on the outskirts of the Humanimal Residential Neighborhoods located on the Northern River Bank, Gray would have to cross a long bridge to get to the Island, that bridge where cars and trucks frequently traversed, while there was sidewalks for pedestrians, you know when crossing a bridge like that the wind feels so much stronger! Made worse by all the automobiles going by, it is a terrifying experience for anyone who has a fear of heights! Gray didn't have a fear of heights, but tonight perhaps because he had been weakened by the summer heat, perhaps because he knew what he was doing something wrong, was feeling shaky in the knees as he tried to traverse the bridge, he suddenly began to feel dizzy, he braced himself against the bridge's railings to try to recover, then a large cargo truck rolled by and startled the young Wolf causing the green box to fall off the railings...And plummet into the river below...

Gray knew he was in for it...He was no water animal he couldn't dive in there and get it...For the same reason he couldn't ask the Fish People who he knew lived under the water to get it, those Fish People live far too deep in the water and rarely come up to the surface unless they have to...While Fish Humanimals can breathe both air and water, like Amphibians if they get too dry they start getting ill, hence why they don't like to leave the water unless they really have to.

Gray clutched his head murmuring to himself "What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?"

So another video game shows its influence Poker Night at the Inventory