So here I feel I need to adjust what was said in a previous story on Fanfiction dot net, in that story a different Humanimal who lived on the Eastern Seaboard said the Wrangler Invasion happened at 11 PM but if for the Humanimals living on the West Coast as established in Tale of Two Humanimals the Invasion happened at 9 PM then well...Since I've said the Western Continent's landmass is greater than America they should have even more time zones, but let's just say the Mizzerans fudged the numbers to make it fit with America...But anyway the time for Mizzerans on the Eastern Seaboard should have been Midnight, but maybe the the Cat he said it was 11 PM, maybe his clock was off because he hadn't adjusted it for years.

Gray fretted and agonized for hours about what to do...He slowly made his way off the bridge, and went down to the bank of the river, but it was hopeless, he had no way to contact any of the Fish People who lived under the water because he didn't know any and the Water People often tend to isolate themselves from the Land People for the most part anyway.

Gray realized the only thing to do was to just fess up and tell Finn what he did. So he went to a phone booth and called Finn, it was 11 PM when he called.

Finn had been just about ready to go to bed when he called, there hadn't been much business at the carnival that day because of the dangerous heat wave, particularly dangerous for Humanimals with warm coats of fur or feathers and for slick skinned amphibians.

"Hey Finn," Gray said

"Gray I was just about to go to bed!" Finn yawned

"I have something really important to tell you!" Gray said "It can't wait!"

"...OK..." Finn said "...Meet me in my office."

Gray slowly trudged his way back to the Carnival, he felt like he was going to his own funeral...

In her office, Finn was pouring herself a cup of coffee (Unusual for Humanimals who don't like the bitter taste, but Finn really felt like she needed it to stay awake) When Gray came in, the Wolf-Boy had his head bowed down and his tail tucked between his legs...

"All right Gray..." Finn said as she took a sip of coffee "...What's so important that you couldn't wait to tell me?"

Gray looked at the white cat-woman with her bright blue eyes and her head fur the same color as the rest of her body in tight curls, he thought about how previously he thought she had slighted him for not giving him a better job...Now realizing he wasn't worthy of even the position of ticket taker!

"You know that green metal box you have?" Gray said

"...Yes..." Finn said already worried about where this was going.

"Well..." Gray said "...I...Accidentally dropped it in the river..." Gray said super quickly just to get it said.

"My green metal box..." Finn said as her feline eyes narrowed and her tail began to floof up "...That had all of the charity money in it?! GRAY! YOU IDIOT!"

And that was when the BOOM happened as the Wranglers invaded...Then came the blare of the emergency sirens...

Everything else was forgotten for the moment as both the Wolf and the Cat knew they had to head for the nearest emergency shelter...

As the two of them ran out of the office, they saw a massive stampede of Humanimals heading for the bridge to get to the shelters that were on the human side on the Southern River Bank, if they could have seen in the dark, they would have seen the Fish People poking their heads above the water as they were trying to see what it was they were fleeing from.

Gray turned to Finn "So...Are we going to join the stampede?"

"Do we have a choice?" Finn asked in response

However no one could for see how futile all attempts at resistance was, A bunch of Wranglers landed on the Bridge, armed with electric prods they menaced the large Humanimals leading the Herd, Elephant People trumpeted and Bull Cattle roared in response, but the Wranglers responded by zapping them more with the prods, since this was happening several miles in the middle of the bridge, the Humanimals at the very back of the Bridge had no idea what was causing the line to back up more and more. Which Gray and Finn noticed before they even reached the line.

Seems like that's a good place to end, tune in next time to find out what happens next!