Luke was terrified.

Sure, job interviews weren't the worst thing in the world, but the amount of pressure he felt on his shoulders sure made it feel like it.

The job wasn't that serious. In fact, it was for being a worker at an independent business. He was supposed to operate a laser maze. That serious? It was pretty much the opposite. Even so, Luke was counting on this job. He hated his home life and if he got this job, he would be able to move out of his parents' house and find an apartment.

His hands trembled as he pulled open the door. A small check-in desk was in the center of the lobby and a short boy around his age (20 years) materialized behind it. He was shorter, maybe 5' 7" but he had a short buzz cut of black hair that gave him an air of intimidation. He looked of asian descent but his eyes looked humorous.

"Hey man, you got a reservation?" He greeted Luke.

Luke audibly swallowed and responded, "No, actually I'm here for an interview."

The other smiled, "Oh, you must be Luke! Here, I'll go get Ben. He's the owner."

Luke gave an imperceptible nod and watched the boy make a start for a nearby "Employee's only" door. Only the boy stopped and backtracked his way to stand in front of Luke.

"Where are my manners? I'm Jacob." he held out a small hand with stubby fingers.

Luke mentally scolded his hands for shaking but he stuck his hand out anyway. "Nice to meet you Jacob."

Then, Jacob smiled again and made his way back to what Luke assumed was a main office.

A few seconds later, a skinny man emerged holding a clipboard. "Hey! I'm Ben! Before we start, I'm gonna need you to fill out: a waiver, some basic personal information, some contacts. The basics, just so I can get a read on who you are."

Luke gave a stiff nod, a little shocked at the amount of energy the man possessed in such a small body. The clipboard was placed in his hands and Luke was directed towards a few chairs off to the side underneath a few signs.

He once again cursed himself internally at his trembling fingers. As he began to write down his information, a group of six people entered the building.

Out of the corner of his eye, a girl around his age emerged from the office and greeted him. Her voice was quiet but it held meaning, like you wanted to listen. And the six people did listen. The girl spoke of directions and rules while somehow managing to mix in a few actually funny jokes. For the first time since he walked into the building, Luke smiled as he kept writing.

The loud shuffle of feet echoed in his ears as the girl led the people to their room. A slam echoed even louder as the door was closed. Luke inwardly sighed at the thought of being alone at last.

"Hey, are you a new applicant?" That same kind voice startled Luke out of his inward thoughts. He looked up with unfocused eyes to see the silhouette of the girl smiling down at him. The only thing he could discern was her pale skin and a red braid trailing down her right shoulder. The boy only was in his right mind to nod. "Good luck! You're gonna do great!" Then, she whirled around and disappeared around the corner.

The kind words washed over Luke as he watched her leave. She was right. This job wasn't about becoming a lawyer, it was simply running people through a dark room that projected lasers. When he went to finish his last bit of paperwork by signing his name, Luke gave a small smile at his finally stilled hands.


"So, Luke, what drove you to apply for this job?" Ben said as Luke was guided to sit down in front of a desk in the main office.

"I am really trying to be independent, but I still need the time to make room for my college classes. I had to work with computers a lot in high school and such so I just decided that this would be a good fit." Luke splurged his answer that he had practiced for an hour before he came in that day.

"Well what strengths-" Ben went on to ask the basics and Luke blacked out as he continued to answer them.

"Well that seems to be everything! Do you have any questions?" Ben concluded.

Luke inwardly sighed and tried not to slouch in relief. "Do you have an idea of when I'll hear if I got the job?"

"Probably 1-2 days. I would say that you did excellent so I wouldn't be too worried." Luke grinned. "Alright, I hope to see you soon, Luke. I'll walk you out."

As Luke went to reach for the front door of the building, a flash of red hair in the corner of his eye drove him to turn his head. The girl smiled at him and then disappeared into another room to let her group out of the room she had just run.