Once there was a sea, deeper, emptier than any sea. I born from chaos.

Protected by the flow of silence, i: the water. Sea that i am.

I rest in the flow of silence, waiting for the time to awaken.

Where vanity and sea meet, i saw truth. And in the eyes of untruth, nothing can be deceived.

Then, i awake, sensing a disturbance within the multiverse. A being who would bring chaos and destruction to all others, in his crusade as a Fake God.

I foresee his current presence on a world called Kalandra, while he was an ordinary primitive man, i see his mind filled with ambition and belief; he created the multiverse alone and shall be worshipped as a god, and rule as an emperor: A God Emperor, or known in his native tongue; An Urnparsh.

As i arrived of this world, i quickly grew fond of it, enjoying the world as it is before my vision comes true. I became a sea creature like the ones native to this world, letting the early men of this world that i mean no harm. But the being sees me as a monster and killed me in my sea form.

I warn him, that even if he killed me, i could still be reshaped, repaired and taking on any forms he'll never know of. And i shall haunt him and his successors for the following years. But i alone may not destroy him or his future empire, but the Empire itself would fall from within.

Even with my warning clear, he rose up and told his people that he slain a sea monster, who threatened their very being and he shall be their saviour, their god, their emperor.

One Man Alone.

One Man Alone slain a sea monster he claimed. One Man Alone filled with ambition. One Man Alone who thought that he could be just as godly as i am.

Today: One Man. Tomorrow: A handful. In a week: A Hundred. In a month: thousands. In a year: The entire population.

Man disgraced the place that i grew fond of, as if he ruled the world.

Wrath of i shall summon winds and storms shall tear the sea. Yet, they thrive and continue their crusade for the Empire he created. The man was James Zavier: The Original Urnparsh.

Many ways I've killed him and his successors, some subtle, others gruesome without bearing my being to the open. Only he and his successors know and see my being, and it all wouldn't matter in the end.

Whatever violates or disturbs the peace and justice of the Multiverse (from not just this One Man Alone and his successors, but to anyone else who are Human, Humanoid or Non-Human), i shall destroy. And all shall return to chaos.