Melly began helping Stanton fix the meal in his old cottage.
"Just exactly what are you making?" She began to cut the carrots.
"Why, its my famous soup. I made it for Phoenix when he was younger and he loves it." Stanton boasted.
"I wouldn't say I loved it, but it was good." Phoenix walked into the kitchen and joined them.
"Here Mr. Smarty Pants, help with cutting the carrots." Stanton shoved a few carrots into Phoenix's hands.
Melly smiled, "Oh, did you two hear?"
Phoenix began cutting the carrots, "Hear what?"
"Well," She thought for a moment. "I heard that there was a new demon that has taken Shiyu's place."
"Great, that's all we need, another Shiyu..." Stanton threw some tomatoes into a pot of boiling water.
"Oh, don't worry, Shiyu wasn't that hard, besides, that was a month ago." The knife in Phoenix's hand slipped. "Ouch, damn!"
"Phoenix, here let me see." Melly picked up his hand. "Oh, its just a little cut, nothing big."
"I wasn't crying." Phoenix looked at her.
"I never said you were." She began cutting the carrots again.
"Anyway, you two can go sit down and wait, the rest I have to do on my own." Stanton walked over and grabbed some of the cut up carrots.
Melly and Phoenix walked out and sat down at the wooden table.
"Did you happen to catch this demon's name, Melly?" Phoenix asked.
"Yes, I believe the name was Ghetto. Yea, that was it, Ghetto." Melly thought once more to make sure it was right.
"Well, he shouldn't be a big problem."
"Yea, I guess."
"What's wrong?" He scooted his chair next to her. "You look like you're down."
"No, I'm not its just.." She looked down at her hand. "How did I get this?"
"Uh? Get what?"
"My finger, it's bleeding."
"You must have cut yourself without realizing it."
"I guess so."
Stanton walked out with the big pot of food. "There ya go, all done."
"Wow, that smells good. Thank you Mr. Stanton." Melly smiled.
"Well, dig in." He put some bowls down and some spoons.
They ate their meal without talking much. When they were done, Phoenix cleared the table and Stanton washed the dishes. Melly sat on the couch and when Phoenix was done he sat down next to her.
"So, what's the plan for tonight?" Melly looked over at him.
"Well, I was thinking that maybe we could go check this Ghetto guy out. You know, find out some more information. You up for it?"
"Yea, I'm up for it."
"You don't sound so thrilled."
"Uh? Oh I am, just tired I guess."
"Well, we can always do it tomorrow."
"" She yawns. "We can do it tonight." She laid her head on his shoulder.
"You know..." He looked at her to find her asleep. "Good night little one." He smiled and picked her up.
He set her down on the bed and covered her up in the blankets. He kissed her on the forehead and shut the door.

Melly sat straight up in bed listening to the racket outside her door. It sounded like there was a fight, but she wasn't sure. She jumped out of bed and began to pull the bedroom door open. Before she could get the door all the way opened, Phoenix came flying through the door taking Melly with him.
"Phoenix?" Phoenix got up and Melly looked at him, "Phoenix? What's going on?"
"Well,'s hard to say." Phoenix scratched his head.
"What do you mean its hard to say? You were just thrown through the door!"
"Ok, ok, there's some demon who just barged in, but I've never seen his kind in my life. Boy, he's a stubborn one."
"You know, I was on the other side of that door and you could have easily called me."
"I did, or at least I tried, but I guess you couldn't hear me."
"Oh, I must be a sound sleeper..." Stanton came flying through the door as well and landed at their feet.
"I think he's angry..." Stanton blanked out.
The demon through the door and grinned at Melly and Phoenix.
"Is that him?" Melly asked not taking her eyes off of the demon.
"Yup, the one and only."
"He looks human though!"
"I know, but his powers are very strong."
"Not too strong for me. You ready?"
"I've been ready."
"Lets go." Phoenix threw Melly in the air and she landed on the demon's back.
"Double blast Phoenix!" Melly yelled over to him.
Phoenix put his hands together and threw a beam of lightning at the demon while Melly jumped off at the last minute and did the same thing. Smoke rose and pieces of wood fell from the ceiling. When the smoke cleared the demon was still there. He smiled and jumped out the window. Phoenix began to chase after him, but Melly stopped him.
"Wait, let him go."
"He ain't worth it anyway."
"Oh, Phoenix, you're cut..." She walked up to examine his arm.
"Oh yea, it's not that bad though." He looked at her and noticed some blood coming from her arm as well. "Wait, Melly, let me see your arm."
"Why what for?"
"Just let me see it." She turned sideways as Phoenix looked at her arm. "That's impossible."
"What, did I get cut too?" Melly looked to see Stanton getting up and standing next to them.
"That's not the point. Look." He pointed to his cut. "See how the cut is shaped and where it is."
"Oh my gosh! It's exactly the same." She stared into his eyes. "How can this be? I didn't get hit, and I know that there is no way of us having the same cut."
"I was afraid of this." Stanton had a worried look on his face. "Phoenix, show us the cut from earlier." Phoenix lifted his finger. "Now, Melly, let me see that exact same hand and finger." She did as she was told. "Just as I thought."
"Why do we have the same cuts?" Phoenix asked.
"You two are still connected." Stanton stroked his chin.
"Connected? I thought that we weren't anymore every since that day." Melly looked at Stanton, waiting for an answer.
"I was hoping that this wouldn't happen. You see, you two may be separated and both alive, but you are still connected with one another. Now, what I mean by this is that if Melly gets hurt, nothing will happen accept for that she will have another cut, but if Phoenix gets hurt, then Melly will get the same exact cut." Stanton shook his head, "I can't believe that this would happen.
"Wait, so you're saying that I am a danger to her?" Phoenix sounded frustrated.
"Yes, I'm afraid so." Stanton looked at both of them.
"Great, just great, another problem." Melly threw her hands up into the air.

Meanwhile, the demon, lurking just over the next hill, was listening to their conversation. He smiled evily.
"So, the chosen one has a weakness." He thought. "How perfect, how wonderful! This has turned out to be a beautiful day. Now all I need to do is plan this right. When I have that, then the chosen one will finally be under my control and there will be nothing she can do about it. Since we can't defeat her, we'll just kill her through her only weakness." He disappeared.