"Finally," He said, "Finally it's over..." He plopped to the ground as the pain from his stomach increased. "Melly! You alright... over there?" He yelled over taking breaths inbetween.
She let out a small laugh, "That depends."
Phoenix slowly turned his head in her direction., "Depends on what?"
"Well, do you mean am I physically alright, or mentally alright?" Melly smiled over at him.
"Both." He sat down on the ground.
"Yes, I am." She held her stomach as some more blood rolled to the starting puddle.
"You mean to tell me I missed the fight?" A familiar voice came up behind them.
"Stanton..." Phoenix tried to get up again, but he was stuck in the possition he was in.
"Well, I guess its a good thing I brought some of my miracle herbs with me." Stanton smiled and held up his small, leather bag.
"Great." Melly whispered.
Stanton took some out and put some on Phoenix's wounds.
"Shish, that stings." Phoenix said as the stomach wound slowly healed bit by bit.
"Hey, I said it was a miracle herb, not a pain free herb." Stanton laughed as he saw Melly's wounds doing the same healing as Phoenix's. "So, I guess I will get to save these herbs, uh Melly?"
She just smiled and waited for the wounds to heal completely. After a few minutes they were fully healed, but still very weak. Stanton helped Phoenix to his feet and then Melly who could barley stand. Melly looked over at Tina's body and motioned the others to help her go over there. When Melly reached the lifeless body she smiled.
"She completed her mission." Melly said still smiling.
"What do you mean, who was Tina anyway?" Phoenix looked down at Tina. "I herd you call her that."
"She was just someone with a good heart and a bad past."
"Why is it that I never know anything?" Phoenix looked at Melly in the eyes.
"Oh, its a girl thing." She smiled at him.
"Is that so?"
"Well, then I guess I don't have to tell you how I escaped the blast." Phoenix knew that would get her attention.
"Hey, that's not fair."
"It's a guy thing."
"I can't believe you." Melly grinned.
Phoenix laughed, "Face it, Melly, I know how to play the way you do."
"Phoenix, Melly, we should give this girl a proper place to sleep in peace." Stanton was still looking at Tina.
"Yes, and I know just the place." Melly said. "Phoenix, do you remember that flower patch near Stanton's old cottage?"
"Yea, how could I forget." Phoenix had an idea of where this was going. "That's a perfect spot."
"Then it's settled." Stanton set Melly down slowly. "Wait here, I'm going to go get the horses and hook them up onto the wagon." He turned and headed down the road.
"Tell me, Phoenix, how did you escape?" Melly looked up at Phoenix.
"Tell me something first and be honest, ok?" Phoenix sat down next to her.
"Do I have a choice?" Melly waited for the question.
"Well, way back when Shiyu was killed, what happened?" Phoenix didn't seem to smile anymore and Melly knew that she would have to explain it all to him.
"Oh, yea, that. Well," She looked down and then lifter her head back up. "After I released my power, you died."
"I... died?"
"Yes, because there was something more to the legend. It said that I wasn't complete before. It stated that even though my power is hidden inside, I will not be complete. Therefor, you weren't born and you were the missing piece. Until I found my hidden power, you were my protector and was to guide me to the hidden power that lies within me."
"So, I wasn't real?"
"If you put it that way, I guess you weren't."
"You mean to tell me that I was just a missing piece of a puzzle?" Phoenix's voice was angry and disappointed.
"Oh, Phoenix," She hugged him, "That doesn't matter because you were real to me and my heart."
Phoenix looked at her, but still didn't smile.
"Here, that isn't all."
"There's more?" He didn't sound too thrilled anymore.
"Just listen to the rest." She thought for a moment then continued. "Stanton told me all about this and he said that you weren't needed anymore. I asked why and he said it was because I found my hidden power. I didn't think it was fair, that your life should be ended, just because of a stupid legend."
"You really believed that?"
"Why, of course I did. Then I asked a few questions to try to make the legend sound wrong, but Stanton made it all true and it made sense. The images I saw were from me, and the feeling I felt was what I was feeling. There was more to the legend though, but Stanton didn't tell me about it until I already completed it." She paused for a moment.
"Go on, what was the rest of the legend?"
"The legend said that you could become complete and live on when I told you what was in my heart."
"And what did you say, Melly, what made that come true?" Phoenix looked into her eyes.
"I said..." She began to shed tears. "I said that I loved you." She wiped a tear away. "Well, actually, I yelled it." She let out a laugh and took both of her hands to wipe the tears away.
"Melly," He leaned forward and kissed her.
He looked at her and she smiled back at him, "Then poof, you came back to life." She let out a little laugh again.
"Just like that huh, poof?" He tried to cheer her up again.
"Well, actually, it was more like a glow and a little floating scene. You know how you always like to make a scene." She began to laugh.
"Yes, I do, don't I?" He laughed with her.
"Now, tell me how you escaped." She could here the horses' hoofs on the ground.
"It was simple really. I had the crystal already and all I needed to power it up was to think of..."
"I'm back!" Stanton interrupted and hopped off the wagon. "Well, come on you two, let's go."
Phoenix helped Melly onto her feet and to the wagon. Stanton and Phoenix wrapped Tina's body in a nice cloth and carefully set her in the wagon as well. Phoenix and Stanton jumped on and headed for the flower patch without speaking.
When they arrived, Melly climbed out of the wagon and this time didn't need help. While Phoenix and Stanton dug the hole, Melly took out Tina's sword and looked at the dent near the handle. When it was deep enough, Phoenix and Stanton set the body into the hole.
"Goodbye, Tina, see you soon." Melly whispered and placed the sword next to Tina.
"Bye, Tina, whoever you were." Phoenix smiled and put his arm around Melly.
"She'll be happy here." Stanton said. "I'll do the rest, you two can go back to the cabin."
"No, I want to see her off." Melly refused to go, but she knew that Tina would want her to go. "Tina?" She whispered.
"Come on, Melly, let's go home." Phoenix and Melly walked down the path to the cabin.