A: The first ever known Springer. Real name and origin, unknown.

Yuri Volodnikov: The first to discover The Volodnikov Effect, teleportation at it's most simplest explanation: dreaming. He also created a more efficient WarpHole that doesn't create paradoxes or encounter any anomalies. He later becomes the first KeyMaster. He also proposed Kaskadiya prior to The FarWar to his colleagues, who would go on to found the bioregion with him. He later disappear at the age of 99, presumably dead.

Hyacinth Iverson: A xenoarchaeologist from Kalandra with her husband Isaac Jones, she was tied with him as the first to defy James Zavier and explore the Multiverse. She discovered Hyacium (natively called Jeltz), an element the crystals are based off of that grants limitless energy, and sharing those crystals to any known species in the Multiverse.

Isaac Jones: Another xenoarchaeologist, he discovered an ancient structure on Demitra built by the Jincillans, concluding them as the most ancient species in the Multiverse. He also discovered the Orumi, by accident (Ignoring the other ancient species).

Jonathan Kensington: The First Springer to create a Pod: A City State where the Springers are the majority and The Non a minority. His own Pod is called Yendas.