Beyond all dreams,

Beyond all hope,

He betrayed all my trust

And he broke our friendship rope

I thought I could count on him but Kneebone knew right

That how much he claimed to help was at all no sight

I felt as though he believed in me but I could feel his fear as much as mine

That he was afraid of losing his father's faith in him

And so he broke our friendship fine

He disappointed me so bad,

I hid my grief beneath all that

Once, we've known as friends so true

Today, he gave way to make me a fool

I drove my father shame

And they all had me blamed

Cos' I was a black girl

Sending my world in turn and twirl

Just cos' I had a chance to be blamed

So they never bothered to clear my name

Sad was I, hate as high

I felt all the disbelief and disgrace the day I stepped in court

Reverend King Saloman, for me, he fought

For my honour was at dead end

That I could never be again

Who I was before the very truth was bent

All thanks to him,

I never wanted to see

That very pathetic face

Who made me never again glee

All thanks to him

That I am living in misery

But for some reason, I wanted to forgive and forget

However, part of me wasn't prepared to give in yet

(Authors note: This poem is a special dedication to the book which was a greatly convincing book of true friendship, still the ending was kind of real, some how really powerful enough to reach and touch one's heart)