Empty start

Trying to get basics


the depressing emptiness

of people's stupidity.

(Echoing in the empty shelves.)

Times edges on and

you got to get on.

Everyone is waiting.

Just for basics.

Took two weeks to get

Toilet roll

and pasta, still can't

find it.

Everyone's still trying.

Keep the system grinding.

Food is flowing. Army mobilizing.

We are here for the long haul.

We are realizing so slow,

it agonizing. People are dying.

Got to keep going. Trying to be better.

Cleaned the station by me.

Scrubbed it shinning, everyday.

To earn some money to eat.

And keep everyone on their feet.

Clapped for the carers, caring for us all.

Saluted captain tom.

Watched my neighbours take turns,

in the garden between home school.

Some are trying, some are fools.

Got to keep going.

A moment like no other,

brought us to our knees.

By our pained mother,

we have to learn.

Discover balance and harmony.

While the earth recovers.