Manic Boil

Mania biting at my brain.

Burning static, blistering stain.

Melting mind driving me


Chittering scattered torrent

of confusion.

The rising mists of

utter cloudy madness.

I cut myself off

from forgotten spaces.

The building anxiety.

The feeling of inadequacy.

Failing supports and

the temple crumbles.

Tears build of wishes forsaken.

The scattered understanding

of a child's devastation.

Face your fears and

silence your doubts.

Act or die. We must survive.

Caught in an ascending spiral.

Entranced by rising pitches

and heightening tones

of her song. We dance.

We dance with her.

Intense, enigmatic mania.

Spearing ourself.

Blazing everyday.

Obsession and certainty.

The external dream.

Halted breathe, then….

We boil.