Enjoy while the inspiration hits. At this point, I won't promise anything but this will be a collection of shorts.

Henry sat in the bay window of his father's home staring out into the fields that surrounded the home. There weren't many people or cars that drove by the secluded estate but when he did see someone he couldn't help but inspect them with the limited amount of time he had before they disappeared. It excited him each time since it was boring when he visited his father. Other than the horses that lived on the back half of the land, there were rarely any kids to play with and all his father ever spoke about was how important it was to study his craft so that he could continue the family legacy. The Graves family was renowned around the world for their magical abilities and now, during the modern day, when most children hardly wanted to put the work in for anything - he would not raise a lazy child. Their summers together consisted of lessons, practice, and hardly anything fun for a pre-teen boy to do during his vacation time. It was the summers that made him realize the most that his mother wasn't that bad since she at least had the right to tell him to study during the school year.

"Henry!" his father's voice boomed throughout the house, "Stop daydreaming and come outside - I expect a perfect summoning formation today."

Henry groaned and dragged himself off the cushions of the bay window and headed outside to meet his father on the large patio attached to the backdoor, "Father, I've learned the summoning formation in school…"

"The generic, us Graves have a unique summoning formation to our family and to master it will help you wield the strongest of demons… better than anyone else."

Henry's eyes furrowed, and his father stepped back so he could lean against the rail that surrounded the patio and waved for him to go on. Henry sighed heavily and cracked his fingers, stretching aggressively before he inhaled slowly and began the slow, fluid motions of the Graves' signature summoning formation. It was definitely old school but even he knew that his father was right - at least, that's what he told himself so it was easier to get through the lesson. He did his best to get it just right, his father stepping forward to stop him so he could correct any stances that were wrong with a small tsk.

This went on for hours. They ran through so many formations that by the time they were done with the lesson, Henry was exhausted and almost fell asleep during dinner. His father wasn't a cruel man but he definitely had high standards. So when it was announced that Henry would have the afternoon off the next day as long as he was able to concentrate during their morning lesson, the boy couldn't help but smile and thank his father.

"You know I do this for your own good, Henry. The world is not as peaceful as you think it is and your mother and I won't be around forever in this world. So you need to learn to protect yourself and carry the family name with respect, dignity, and a dash of fear so the newer families know where their place is."

Henry held back the urge to roll his eyes, instead nodding, "I understand."

The next morning, Henry was up bright and early so he could meet his father outside. He worked hard to earn his afternoon off, his father's eyes actually sparkling with some pride before it was time for lunch which meant the start of his adventures on the land. He quickly ate, changed into a pair of jeans and a hoodie, and quickly made his way outside and into the forest that surrounded them so his father couldn't take back the time off.

There was a relief when he felt the cool air of mother nature breeze over his skin, feeling energized with each breath he took. He walked silently like this for hours, occasionally picking a few medicinal herbs that he found, and twirling them between his thumb and fingers. It was cathartic, nature always being where he felt most comfortable. He was able to feel the energy from the soil beneath his feet rise into him and tingle his fingertips. It also helped that the land was also where his ancestors lived which only made the magic stronger.

Henry finally made it to the clearing that lead to a pond. The sun still was up though it didn't shine as bright as the midday sun. He checked his watch and had a couple of hours before sundown to enjoy the pond. Henry pulled out his phone and began to play some music, setting it down on the ground near the pond. He continued with his shoes, socks, and shirt before he jumped in so he could take a relaxing swim in the cool water. He eventually turned on his back so that he could float, muttering a few words so the music permeated through the pond. It was the ultimate level of relaxation… even if only lasted a few moments.

The boy was halfway through daydream when the music began to skip. It sounded as if Spotify was messing up again, the constant skipping of songs back and forth when they barely started causing him to slowly pull up from the water so he could look over to where his things were. His eyes narrowed on the boy that had the audacity to mess with his phone. His slender pale fingers constantly tapped the buttons, obviously amused with the outcome of the music constantly switching.

"What are you doing?" he barked. That seemed to scare the other, causing him to scramble up from the ground and fall back onto his bottom. Henry didn't give the older male a chance to respond, instantly pulling out of the pond. As he came up, the water evaporated from his body and he grabbed his phone, "You're going to break it if you keep doing that shit - what makes you think you can touch other people's stuff?" Henry grabbed his shirt so he could pull it back on, "Who are you anyway? You know you're trespassing, right? This is my father's land and I know he doesn't have some blonde hair albino looking son wandering around." Henry was obviously upset, his eyes slowly raised from his phone to stare at the other with irritation.

"Are you going to say anything?!"

The newcomer's breath became bothered and he stared into the glowing eyes of the first person who could see him in… hundreds of years. He shook his head and cleared his throat, "I'm sorry," he muttered lowly and looked down at his hands, "I..." he began and looked out at the pond, "My name… my name is Pond."

"Pond?" Henry raised a brow and instantly laughed, "Are you serious? How unfortunate is that - Pond."

Pond nodded slowly, "Very - my parents weren't very creative."

"You got that right -" Henry laced up his boots and stood, "So what makes you think you can touch other people's stuff? Why are you here anyway? I'm going to tell my father about this you know and you'll be kicked off in a matter of days – especially since you look like some homeless person."

A flash of panic washed through Pond and he quickly stood up, "Please don't do that – I… I have nowhere to go and –" the tears began to well up in his eyes, "I'll do whatever you need. If you need help gathering supplies, I can do that. I can be of help to you. Just tell me what to do."

Henry's brows furrowed. He did like the idea of help since that meant he could get his things done faster. Pond would be of no help around the house but collecting supplies to have them stocked up when his father asked for them meant that he could have more free time during the hours he was given to go scavenge. However, his young mind calmed and instead he crossed his arms, "I want to play."

Pond stared down and the young boy, shocked at the request and also calmed, "Play?"

"Yes, play,"

"As in…?"

"Do you not even know that? I want –…" he looked around, "Where's the best tree to climb? Do you know how to play hide-and-seek? What games do you know?"

Pond raised his brows and huffed softly in amusement, looking away so that he could hide the smile that threatened to mock the young boy. Pond took a deep breath and slowly began to nod, "Have you heard the story of the Grave's family treasure that was buried out in the forest and hidden by the crazy–"

"Of course I have!"

"Okay, well, want to go in search of that?"

Henry's brow's raised, "Yes."

"Then, you know we must find the oldest tree in the forest and speak with it…"

"Where's that?"

"You're the witch…"

Henry made a face and Pond continued, "A powerful one from what I understand - so if you focus and do what one of your spells–"

"Ughhh, this sounds like another lesson! Did my father send you?!"

Pond shook his head, "No, no, I don't even go to the main house,"

Henry tilted his head as he thought about the words Pond said, "What do you mean main house… what other house is here?"

Pond stuttered a bit, uncertain of what to say. He shook his head slowly, "I just meant… I stay in the forest. I don't go to the main area of the land…"

Henry eyed Pond for a moment but was not convinced. He crossed his arms slowly, "Then my adventure will be to find this second home…"

"You're stubborn."

"Well, you're a liar so what's worst."

Pond was hurt by the words but they were half true, he looked down at his feet, "I can take you to the oldest tree, how about that?"

This seemed acceptable to Henry as an apology and he relaxed, "Then I'll accept you being a liar as long as it really is the oldest tree."


Henry cackled, "Promises from a liar - you're kinda funny!"