This is going not how I imagined. I definitely wrote out a timeline and the characters decided not to follow it. Lol.

Also a warning: everything is just a first draft.

The rest of the summers were similar to their first. Each year Henry grew, Pond did not, and on the summer of his seventeenth birthday Henry couldn't help but ask, "You haven't aged since the day I met you."

Pond looked up from the herbs he was collecting for Henry and he smiled softly with a shrug, "Maybe I just have good genes…"

"There you go, lying again…"

"What, you should know better than to think magic can't help someone's looks. You think your father just looks the way he does because of the melanin?"

Henry scoffed, "You been checking out my dad like that?"

Pond looked back to the herbs shyly, "No, but it's not like he has aged any at all either so I don't know why you're so upset with the likes of me…"

"So you're saying you cast some spell to eternally look young? I'm impressed, actually, I didn't know you knew how to do magic - what family are you from?"

"Oh, I don't - really, this is all I'm good for these days so –"


"Henry," Pond looked back for a moment, brows furrowing to teasingly mock him.

"Pond, I'm not playing around… tell me what family you're from. If you know how to do magic then maybe we can practice together? I thought you were just some farmer boy or something with the way you muck about here but –"

"I am just some farmer boy…"

"Why do you keep ly–"

"Stop!" Pond shouted and dropped the herbs, "Just stop, Henry - you've been doing this every summer… is something the matter? Am I not doing the work you want? Aren't you supposed to be off doing something more interesting than spending time with me? Isn't that what you said last year? How boring I was and how you just wanted to go into town while you had the chance? I specifically remember hearing you talk about me to your friends too – but I didn't say anything, I never do. You can call me a liar, I'll do the work that a five-year-old could do faster than you but just stop. I don't want to talk about my family, who I was, what I did – it's all gone, okay? Everything - it's all gone. So why does it matter to you? What do you care? You never said a nice thing to me before – do you just need more material so you can continue to talk down to me? Is that it?" Pond inhaled deeply, trying to regain control of his emotions but the past seven years had finally erupted and he couldn't help but shake, "I know where I stand with you… how you laugh about me when your friends visit. Funnily enough," Pond exhaled sadly, his eyes beginning to glaze over as he thought about the previous summer and what he had walked in on, "You didn't even notice that I was nearby last summer - when you had the picnic by the water with your best friend or whoever it was… I was actually kind of happy to hear that you couldn't wait for me to show up until I heard the reason why. You were just too lazy to pluck the grapes from the vine, and you said that I was literally like some helpless animal that was so thankful to do anything for my owner." which implied that Henry thought he owned him, "I never… I never thought I would hear that again in my life, not from you. You were supposed to be my friend but I guess you were just trying to show all the power you have being a Graves and… you didn't even say goodbye."

"..." Henry was shocked. Pond had never blown up on him like that and every part of him was overwhelmed with emotion, anger being the usual but Henry wasn't sure who he was mad at more, Pond or himself. He never realized what he had been doing since Pond was always so… accommodating. Pond listened, he tried to give advice, he did everything Henry asked of him and there was never a time he truly complained about anything. Henry wouldn't say Pond was a saint since he had teased him a lot when he was a child but at some point, that had all stopped. Pond became distant, and Henry realized that in their seven years of friendship, he still knew nothing about his… friend?

Apparently not but Henry always thought of him as a friend. Now he realized he had been a terrible one to Pond from the very beginning. Pond accepted him for who and what he was and never set any boundaries as to what he asked… until now. However, Henry was embarrassed and to apologize now would make him look weak so instead, his nose scrunched and he leaned down to grab the bag of herbs that Pond collected, "You're a shit friend, I'm done with you." he spat and turned to stomp back toward his house so he could get away from the situation.