Kismet Adrienne

When God took you away
It hadn't fully sunk in yet
I knew of your existence only for a day
My little one whom I haven't even met

I did not realize the depth of impact then
But I felt the pain and void left behind
I wasn't mature enough to fully comprehend
But I do know you were always in my mind

I often wonder what could have been
I still do up to now, up to this day
A mother and daughter twinning scene
Looking more like sisters, I dare say!

I repeatedly asked God why this had to happen
Why you were not meant to be ours
But I know you're happy up there in heaven
Running, dancing and prancing among flowers

I guess I'll never know the reason why
But until that day comes when we meet again
The day I take my last breath and close my eyes
I hold you in my heart, my daughter, Kismet Adrienne