Chapter 03 – Her Umbrella Above Us

I enter the classroom and I automatically glance at her seat. Nijima Koharu is there speaking with her seatmate. She turns and our eyes meet for a second as I avert my gaze immediately.

However, I instantly regret my actions.

The fact that I looked away can mean that I am conscious of her.

Now she definitely knows that I like her!

I should've just looked away casually, I should have nodded to her or asked about my umbrella. Or I should have said a greeting instead…

All these thoughts are running in my mind as I walk towards my seat. The teacher arrives a moment later and everyone sits in their chair orderly. The classroom becomes quiet as the teacher starts the lesson. I look at the scenery outside the window and then glance at Koharu's back.

My classmates are listening to the teacher, and of course, I also do. However, I don't know why but watching her diligently studying was more interesting than any of the lessons on the board.

Just like that, with me sneaking a glance at her numerous times, today's class has ended. Only when I hear the rain outside pouring down again that I am reminded that she has not returned my umbrella yet.

As I contemplate in my seat whether I will go to Koharu to ask about my umbrella or if I will just wait for the rain to let up, she suddenly calls out to me.


My body stiffens as I nervously face her way.

"Sorry," she says apologetically. "Actually...I forgot to bring your umbrella."

Our nearby classmates who haven't left the classroom watch us with curiosity. Koharu is a normal girl but she's decently popular within our classroom, in contrast to me who has a low presence. If I say some unnecessary stuff here, they might misinterpret something.

"I-I see." Even as I try my best, I end up stammering. "It's okay. I'll just wait for the rain to stop. I-I'll go then."

I flee the scene, not waiting for her reply.

This is completely my fault but now I'm stuck inside the entranceway, watching other students go home with their umbrellas. My other issue is that my classmates who I just left earlier will be coming here soon… That's somehow embarrassing.

I will go somewhere and hide from them.

I turn around, slowly, making myself smaller to avoid anyone from noticing me. What I am not expecting is that just as I make my first step away from this place, I see Koharu heading my way.

Screw physics! Even if I defy gravity, I must leave now!

She sees me and locks her eyes with mine. Her steps gradually become louder as she makes definite strides toward the entrance. I sidestep so that she can pass me with no problem then I look down, hoping she will ignore me. Eventually, I can see her feet turn towards me and suddenly stop.


I slowly raise my head.

She is there, smiling as she stares at me with her bright royal blue irises.

Unlike the smile she usually gives to me and the rest of our classmates for formality, I somehow feel that she is more genuine this time. Oh no. I may be getting full of myself now.

"Hey." She opens her bag and brings out a foldable umbrella. "It's smaller than yours but would you mind if you share an umbrella with me? You shared yours with me yesterday after all."

My heart is racing, muffling the rain and other student's voices yet her voice alone is clear.


She is offering to share her umbrella with me, something that I think will only happen in my imagination. What is there to refuse? If I don't reply soon, she may take back what she said.

Accept it, accept it now! Tell her that you want to share the umbrella with her!


"Eh, what?" She tilts her head.

"It would be my pleasure!" I reflexively bow to her.

Crap…I'm so lame!

I can hear her make a quiet laugh, so I glance upward to see her giggling and covering her mouth.

"You didn't have to go that far, you know."

I stand there in a trance as she recomposes herself. They say that love is just like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it. I can now confirm that this is true.

"Well. Let's go then?"

I nod and walk under the umbrella's shade, all the while gaining a few murmurs from our classmates.

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