A New Year's Note.

I didn't know what to write. I just did this to fulfill my oath to write something before the year ends. I did. I did start to write this, just half an hour away before New Year comes.

The content of this essay, however, might not be that worthy of your attention. There's the saying, "There's no tomorrow," and I've seen it in YouTube shorts many times. At one point, I made it my own way of life as well. I did what I can and what I thought that wouldn't make me waste my days.

But you see, what I did were those that were "needed." I was able to be helpful to my parents, to my siblings, to the betterment of things. Those are needed. I did not waste time, it was productive.

But at the same time, I can't help but think that maybe being productive in this area, I was procrastinating on the other things I "wanted" to do. My goal, my dreams, my future. I was not working on them, instead I was focused on something else.

Some say that your dreams was your needs. That may be true, but that might not be the case either. That was your need, and at the same time, that is what you want. It is not necessary to surviveā€¦

But for me, No.

My reason to live are those dreams of mine. I imagine myself not being able to live with myself if I didn't even try to achieve those dreams of mine. I would hate living that way.

They became my conviction at this point, an obsession I needed to have.

I guess, I "needed" my dreams after all. That must mean that I was not working on all my needs and simply looking at the easier things to do. That's what it is, I guess. So in short, it was another form of procrastination.

This year, I mean, next year, let's do our best. I'll be sure to make some progress towards my dreams.

Whatever you're working on, I wish you a good luck.

Thank you for reading. May you have a good day.

I wrote this on December 31, somewhere around 11: 30 PM and finished it before the New Year. I revised this entry on January 3, 2024, for clarity and consistency.