Burnt Letters and A Circle In The Sand A/N This is a letter never sent... Only 12 sentences, but it took me almost 3 months to write this, so it would only be fair if you take 3 seconds and leave a little review. This isn't exactly a poem, this is a love letter, and if you don't understand it, that's your problem. I think this is quite good, and even if you don't think so, please tell me! I only don't want any STUPID reviews, like "YOU SUCK". I know it without you telling me. Okay? Constructive criticism is, as always, welcome.

Burnt Letters and a Circle in the Sand

The water dripping from the ceiling gave a deep sound when you kept running through the beige hallway.
Images of a desert swirled through your thoughts, you had gazed on this lone grain of sand too long.
Your eyes could never see the beige, you were blinded by blue reflections of stones behind your back.
You stood there, frozen, like a rose that watches someone passing by, thinking it was itself who was moving.
Your way, this circle of beige and blue, had always been in your dreams of fire and sand.
You watched yourself shivering in cold rain and drowning in a sea of sand without realizing it was you.
The cold stones that were stepped on, never knowing why, laughed when they began to see.
Being the only one who didn't know that the stones were frozen flames, you wanted to run through a desert.
Thinking about sand and stones, you chose roses and rain without knowing the roses were of stone.
You heared the blue laughter of water, sand, roses and stones in your heart, and you still kept running.
Long time ago, this circle began, it will never end and you never can escape the hallway of your mind.
You jumped into the dark, your sand-colored shadow still hunted by the beauty of fading light.