The Hitler Effect

Rays from the blazing Tortilian sun danced across beads of sweat on their waiting faces. They wore nothing to protect their eyes while the stared expectantly at the sky. Whispers of "this time" and "more of them" spread through the crowd that was gathered on that small hill, mile away from their homes, but only feet from where the rockets would land in moments to come.
"There's one!"
A man reached his long neck toward the city, and all eyes directed their attention to town.
"And there!"
A woman this time, her eyes reaching toward the sun.
"That's one!"
"And another!"
"Over here!"
Small dots dusted the sky, slowly but surely making their way to the designated landing zones. As they came closer you could make out a dome shape, then a window or two. At a distance they were wonderful to see, but once they landed they were beyond imaginable.
70 miles high, each crystal dome held up to 500 passengers and crew, though often times it contained less then a quarter of that. Windows dotted the upper half, just big enough so that a small child could see clearly through it. The dome looked scarless, as if each time out was it's first, though each machine was thousands of years old. There were no visible entrances, only large slices cut in a spiral form leading from the top down. But its visible wonders weren't its finest feature. It was the passengers.
Slowly the cracks widened, stretched, until enough room was cleared that a child could fit in it. There was a faint humming noise from inside, just loud enough to send every head spinning. Thousands of eyes latched on to the familiar figure of Natpick, leader of the "Tortilian Alien Study" or TAS. He resembled a grotesque creature that they had come to accept as part of his studies.
He had two sets of legs, instead of the proper six single ones, and they were a sickening pink, much different from the normal dark purple. One pair carried him upright, causing some tortilians to stare in admiration and envy, and others to turn away in disgust. Two eyes were placed in the front of what they assumed to be his head, because it was covered in seemingly useless holes.
Natpick turned and faced them, the bottom hole on his head opened to show numerous white stones. Holding out his upper legs he greeted them silently. A few young Tortilian boys, no more then 700 earth years old, waved back timidly while their parents saluted him in the normal fashion.
"Hail Natpick. We welcome you."
The number of stones in his hole grew as it stretched out. He stood up straighter, to their horror, and a strange choking sound came from between the stones.
"I thank you."
His form bent in half, and a few children gasped in delight. He closed the bottom hole and stood up. Raising one of the attachments on his right upper leg, they saw five more attachments, each covered in the pink skin.
"I believe my search has proved fruitful. My followers and I have spent one Earth year, or the equivalent to 7 of our sun turns, searching for the perfect beings to bring back to you."
A wave of silent anticipation swept over the crowd. For countless sun turns they had watched and waited, hoping "that time" would be the last. Mothers had lost sons, brothers had lost sisters, everyone had lost someone to the numerous searches TAS had conducted. Perhaps this would be then end.
"Now, I'm sure all of you have suffered greatly for what you think has had no real purpose, but now you will all see the fruits of your efforts and patience."
He was no more than three feet high, as was the normal for adult Tortilians, but he captured every member of his audience with the power and determination in his stance. Slowly turning he pressed on pinkish-brown "hand" against the pod's crack. It widened and grew, until it reached a size he deemed fit. Bending his lower legs in half he threw open his upper ones.
"Come my children! Come meet your new people!"
Gasps of amazement spread through the crowd as giants stepped from the crack. Two of them, each no more then four hands higher than Natpick, ran forward and wrapped their upper arms around his neck. The third, over eight hands taller than all of them, stood back a ways, upper legs folded across her torso. She, for it was obviously a female, furrowed her eyebrows and gave the crowd an ice-cold glare of hatred.
Natpick stood up and showed more white stones, radiating confidence. Lifting one of the smaller specimens onto his shoulders, he escorted the female to the platform, so that all the Tortilians could see her.
"Behold!" he cried out, wrapping his free upper leg around the smaller creature. "I have found the perfect specimens!"
The older girl whirled and pounced on him, making him release the two other humans. Her almost boy short blonde hair shone gold in the hotter than usual sun, and her pale blue eyes flashed dangerously. She gripped his upper legs with her long fingernails, drawing green blood to spurt from the wounds.
"How DARE you!" She grabbed the two children and held them protectively close to her body. One of them, a young boy with dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes, latched onto her arm and gazed fearfully at Natpick. The other child, a girl who could have been the boys identical twin excepting for her long hair, stood eyeing first Natpick, then the older girl, then back.
Natpick approached them carefully, his upper legs held in a show of surrender. Making eye contact she glared down her nose at him and tightened her grip on the children. Natpick laughed uncertainly, and faced his audience.
"What you see here is three of my first discoveries on the fabled planet we like to call, Earth."
Low gasps rang through the crowd. Earth was a place found in the young ones storybooks, a thing of legend and myth. It was as real as the creatures that lived underwater, which every educated Tortilian knew was impossible. Water was dangerous; if a Tortilian's skin touched the water, it responded like the experiments that TAS had conducted with human skin and liquiner acid. Only foolish Tortilians, or younger men seeking adventure, signed up to join the TAS earth journeys. 500 thousand sun turns ago, when the smallest ever dispatched shuttle returned claiming they had found earth, 13 pods had been released to investigate; no more then they would have sent to bring supplies to a neighboring space station.
Natpick held up one of the attachments on his upper legs. The crowd silenced and he continued.
"When we first found this planet, we believed it to be incapable of sustaining life. It was almost completely covered by a dangerous liquid called 'water'."
Natpick lowered his head and made a low gurgling sound. The crowd joined in his show of remorse.
"We lost many of our crew mates to that beast of a thing. They dissolved; right next to a batch of imperfect human making oddly shaped mineral pods.
The older girl laughed bitterly, "They're called sand castles you scum! They're freaking SAND CASTLES!" She threw up her upper legs and came nearer to the edge of the platform, releasing the younger subjects. They clung to her lower legs and whimpered as she moved. The older girl opened her lower head hole, as if to say more, but snapped it shut as Natpick continued.
"Because of these imperfect children, we went on to discover many different alien species around their world."
Showing the white stones again he waved at the pods.
" We have captured only the best for you! Behold," waving his upper legs at the other pods the number of white stones in his mouth increased greatly.
"TAS is proud to offer you, 'Tortilians First Take-Home Zoo!"
At his words similar cracks appeared on all the other pods, extending into long bridges that reached to the six waiting feet of the nearest Tortilian child. Long rails of static electricity shot up around the sides, blocking all but one way in and out of the tunnel.
The captured human children were escorted between the static walls, each looking identical under the bright green light. Their assorted shades of blonde hair shone pale green, and their blue eyes held a mixture of fear, anger, and amazement. A few dared to shake away their captors and tried to punch their way out, but the walls held strong. The static shot up their arms and locked them in place until their fallen Tortilian guards decide to release them. The younger children stroked the walls in wonder, using the tips of their fingers and nails. Teenagers carried silent babies and the children that were too small too walk for themselves.
The three children Natpick had brought in his own pod remained free from the static bonds, but a liquid metal seeped around their ankles, fastening them to the platform. The older girl struggled against their imprisonments, trying vainly to pull free her lower legs. The metal worked its way up her legs, until it completely covered her midsection. The skin above her eyes furrowed into a glare and she curled the lower part of her upper legs in defiance.
Natpick gave what only the human specimens recognized as a laugh. Sliding from his human skin he slowly revealed the true Tortilian form. Barely three feet high, he was covered in dark purple scales and a ring of light green feathers decorated his neck. 13 eyes dotted his long neck, marking that he was a male, females only had 7 eyes. A short, stubby tail spurted into three flower like shapes at the end. It twitched expectantly as he walked on all six legs to the captured children. One "flower" stalk brushed the younger girl's lower leg and her bonds released. It latched onto her wrist and half dragged her crying body to the edge of the platform.
"What do I have as a starting bid for this one? Only seven earth years old, she is guaranteed to last you at least 50 sun turns!" He pushed her almost to the very edge for them to get a better display. She tried to squirm away, but the flower tail refused to let go.
"Bright blue eyes! Gorgeous long, blonde hair! The perfect addition to any collection! Let's start the bidding at 500 kepper squims!"
The older girl yanked at her bonds and glared at Natpick.
"Anya!" she screamed in desperation. "Leave her alone, d**n you! Leave us the h*** alone!"
Natpick ignored the girl and accepted the latest bid, 1800 kepper squims.
"Sold!" he cried and shoved the girl, Anya, off the platform. Anya was captured by the winning Tortilians, who threw a collar and a leash over her head and handed the bronze squares to Natpick. Anya screamed and reached out toward the older girl, who tried with all her might to free herself from the platform. Tears streamed down both their faces as Anya was dragged from sight by her new masters.
Natpick laughed cruelly. "Shall we move on then?"
Not waiting for a reply he gestured to two Tortilian guards, who released the older girl and forced her toward the bidding stage. She spit on them, causing their arms to dissolve somewhat, but years of training turned them oblivious to that and the well aimed punches and kicks she was directing their way.
"Ah, yes." Natpick's numerous eyes turned up in pleasure as he watched the girl. "My personal favorite. A female, this specimen is 15 earth years old, and has a lot of spunk. Guaranteed to add a little spice to any collection! The bidding starts at 700 kepper squims!"
The girl glared, cursing and yelling at the Tortilians, who grinned and raised their bids.
Natpick laughed harder and exclaimed, "Sold to his Imperial Highness, the Great and Powerful Niquit, for 8000 kepper squims!"
As the Tortilian emperor approached the platform, along with dozens of bodyguards, Natpick shoved the girl down.
"Careful now," he warned. "She bites."
The girl's glare deepened and struggled against the new chains that had been placed on her. Her eyes filled with disgust and fury, and her voice was full of bitterness.
"D**n you all! Leave us alone!" she screamed as Niquit's army locked her in a much too small cage of static. She punched, kicked and bit the walls, trying desperately to escape. Dark red blood appeared on her pale skin, but she paid it no heed as she attacked the walls. Her shouts and curses were heard long after the boy had been sold and she had long since disappeared.
And the bidding continued…

"Hey boss!"
Natpick spun around and faced two of his pod pilots. Their faces were blank of expression as they held the crying girl between them. She had long, dirty blonde hair that fell to her waist, and Natpick guessed her to be no more then 11 earth years old.
"What do you want?" he snapped, giving all three of them a once-over. "Why wasn't this one sold with the others?!"
One of the guards held up a single strand of human hair. Natpick focused his eyes on it and was appalled by what he saw.
"Kill it!" he commanded. "Kill it now!"
The guards nodded and dragged the screaming girl from the room. She cried in terror, and Natpick heard doors close. A loud slicing sound, followed by a clonk, came after. The screaming stopped.
Natpick's eyes turned into a frown as he picked up the fallen hair. Playing with it in his mind he drew nearer to his blazing fireplace. He tossed his head and the single, brown hair went into the flames.

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