The World of War

The World of War

People vs. People

Far in a world that's blue and green, live people and magical beings. They walk and roam- some low, some high. There are ones that even fly.

But what seems a nice place to be, look deeper and you'll see. Hate rules this place. Its darkness lurks around. It even seeps through the ground.

A battle here, a battle there. Wait, there's a beat. Is it a beat of peace? No it's the sound of war! The footsteps sound of large armies.

A fatal battle of cries is only seen through the Master's eyes. The clang of their metal with a point to the end, cling and clang in unexpected defense. A fight to the death. First homicide then suicide.

Peace suddenly falls along the land. Each army is quiet as the shake hands. Tears of sadness and some of joy. All weapons down. They hit the ground.

Many wore masks of the predator that kills unnoticed. The end was near. Everyone knew it. So they waited until they could see the sun again.

A thousand years later, a green leaf appears. It buds a tiny flower. From this day on life ruled again for they could see the sun.