Your Mom
The one who seems in power
In control of everything
Ruler of the house
The one who's always there
In you life
No matter what
The one who always knows
Exactly what to do
In every case
The stron one
That you can always lean on
When you need help

It's startling to see
Your mom cry
And completely break down
She has no power then
The Ruler has lost her crown
She isn't there anymore
Trapped in her own world
She knows nothing then
Everything confuses her
She is no longer strong
As she needs help herself

When you mom cries
The whole world
Is out of order
The moon shines in the day
The sun during the night
The air you breath turns to water
And the seas and rivers to air
The fish begin flying in the watery sky
And the birds glide through the airy seas

Normally you mom would be there
To yell at the sun and the moon
For their cruel joke
To calmly tell the water and air
That they are not where they belong
To show the brainless birds and fish
How to fly and swim again

But when she isn't there
To right everything
Who will?
Who will put the world in order?

What do you do
When your mom cries?