-Shadows of Grace-

by some intricacy I was given a motion
decidedly taken in the form of a step
your movement of footing, stepping into my life
and I've little assurance of the next direction you're headed
by that same intricacy I was made devoted
I took the step knowingly, walked into depth
and I respect us too absolute to bring tears to my eyes
you are my grace, silhouetted
incidently, my love, my contentment is close
I draw from your luster, brilliance collected
the inside of your sight, it matters how wise
moving you, could I move us instead
consequently, my love, I wonder if I'm alone
or if, in our time, we have moved ahead
and what did you churn, not only desire
but the constant craving for that yearn to be fed
by some intricacy I was given a motion
I did not know it would happen this way, such an event
I respect us too much to move on with my life
thus leaving behind my grace silhouetted.

-Susanne Estelle Hendrickson