CHAPTER I: Mei's Big Mouth
Author's Note: I am not the most creative person in the world so if any of the stuff looks familiar, I disclaim it because it's probably not mine. All the characters' thoughts are enclosed in asterisks since I don't know how to make the italics show. And I also wanna say that this the first time I'm writing so I'm not that good. Also the theme song for this story "Immature" by Ayumi Hamasaki. I might probably change it. Enjoy!

.....Once every 500 years, the Shinomei arises on Earthea. And every 500 years, the Saviors of Earthea, the Celestial and Holy Trinity: the souls of the Spirit, the Dryad, and the Angel awaken to defend this world. And it is always destined that the Saviors should succeed and the Shinomei vanquished. But this all changed due to the events of half a millennia ago. Now all we can say is that destiny has changed: whether it is for the better or for the worse, we cannot say. And thus begins this tale..

bokura ha sonna ni mo ooku no koto nado
nozondari ha shite inai yo zutto

haiiro no BIRU no kage ni kakurete
jitto shiteru mono ha nan daroutte
me mo kosuri nagara mo nozoki kondanda
jibun dattari ano KO ya kimi datta

kodoku de nani mo mienaku nattan ja nai
mou nani mo mitaku nakattan da

bokura ha kitto shiawase ni naru tame ni
umarete kitan datte
omou hi ga atte mo iin dayo ne
hora mimi o sumaseba kikoete kuru
uchi ni himeta inori ni nita sakebi ga

itsuka no ano kawa de nagareteta mono ha
kowareta yume no kakera datta ne

mamorare nakatta yakusoku ni ichi ichi
kidzutsuite mitari shitetanda

bokura ha itsuka shiawase ni naru tame ni
ikite yukun datte
omou hi ga atte mo iin dayo ne
kono hitomi ni utsuru mono ga subete
KIREI na wake ja nai koto o shitte mo

me no mae no higeki ni sae taiou dekizuni
tooku no higeki ni nado te ga todoku hazu mo naku

bokura ha kitto shiawase ni naru tame ni
umarete kitan datte
omou hi ga atte mo iin dayo ne
hontou ha tobira o hirakitain datte
kuchi ni dashite itte mireba ii
kuchi ni dashite itte mireba ii

----flashes of images----
A tall girl with waist length silver hair and silver eyes stood with two other girls with two shorter girls who also bore silver hair and eyes. The girl held a bubble-blowing wand and blew into it. Many bubbles flew into the air as the other two watch in wonder.

One bubble carried this image:
3 baby girls with silver hair and eyes were in the arms of a beautiful pale woman with silver hair and beautiful violet eyes.
"My little girls.." she whispered as she smiled at them with joy.
Bubble floated away.

Another bubble carried this image:
"They are the saviors....the celestial Trinity." a man's voice said.
"No! Why?! Why them?! Why?!" A woman's voice cried. Her shadow revealed her to be on her knees, hands covering her face, and tears flowing between her fingers.
Bubble floated away.

Another bubble carried this image:
In a crowd full of people...
"They are the saviors!!" a woman's voice shouted.
"They are a curse!" a man's voice growled.
Bubble floated away.

Another bubble carried this image:
A tall girl with waist length silver hair and silver eyes, clothed in a blue sorcerer's robe, gathered a blue and white ball of energy in her hands.
Bubble floated away.

Another bubble carried this image:
Another shorter girl with waist long silver hair and silver eyes, clothed in boy's tunic, shirt, and pants was holding a bow and arrow aiming at a target.
Bubble floated away.

Another bubble carried this image:
A slightly shorter girl than the last with knee long silver and silver eyes, clothed in a black dress with slits revealing loose black pants stood in the middle of a forest, happily swinging her staff.
Bubble floated away.

Another bubble carried this image:
Three young men: all with black hair stood at the balcony of a palace.
Bubble floated away.

Another bubble carried this image:
Bubble floated away.

Another bubble carried this image.
An image of the three silver haired girls.
"We are the Saviors of Earthea. "
Bubble popped.
----end of images-----

"Yuki! Yuki!! Wait up!!" Yuki turned around and spotted a blur which she made out to be a girl in white T-shirt and shorts sprinting towards her waving her arms, her ponytail of medium length black hair in a mess. Yuki stood there waiting for this 'blur' to catch up with her.
"Wait Yuki. Wait...Lemme catch my breath. Okay." The girl's big dark brown, almost black, eyes took on a look of mischief and gave Yuki a sharp tug on her loose waist-length red brown hair. Yuki's brown eyes winced in pain. "Mei! That huuuuurrrrrt!"
"Well I am not apologizing! We still have to wait for Anjee! With you walking like gazillion miles per hour and Anjee always being late, I, did you hear that? Not YOU! I hafta wait forever! I am the only normal one here..." Mei drifted off as she saw Yuki's eyes grew wide with shock.
"What's the matter?"
No response. Yuki only pointed in the direction of a blur running towards them.
"Is that Anjee?! Omigosh Yuki! She is actually early today! Anjee! Anjee!" Mei rushed to the hazel-eyed girl with loose waist-length blond hair and gave her a bear hug.
"My little Anjee is growing up..i'm so happy" Mei wiped away an imaginary tear, sniffed, and then cracked up.
Anjee smacked Mei in the back of the head.
"Hey!! This is not the first time that I'm actually early!" Anjee growled.
"It's not?!" Both Mei and Yuki gasped and pretended to faint. The end result was a smack in the back of the head for the both of them.
"Hey people! The faster we get going the more video games we can get through! And the more times I can WIN!" Suddenly, Anjee received a smack in the head from both Mei and Yuki.
"I am going to win!" Mei said, her eyes becoming starry. Anjee, who was walking by Mei's left, was lucky enough to dodge the fist going up in victory.
Mei just stuck out her tongue.
"IF you win, that is only because they are your video games, Mei!!" Yuki said as she pushed her pointed finger into Mei's forehead. "Hey guys!! let's stop smacking each other in the head!!" and then she thought about it for a while. "The answer's probably no, right?"
"No we won't stop!" Both Mei and Anjee chirped in unison and smacked Yuki in the head.

As they were walking, the once clear blue sky suddenly darkened and a bolt of lightning flashed above their heads. A second later, thunder was heard. Another second later, rain poured.
"Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geezzzzzz!! Can't the rain wait till we get to Mei's house!!" shrieked Anjee, as she flicked off a lock of hair from her eyes.
"Mei! watch out!!" Yuki warned as she saw her friend crash into a very cute tall dude with golden blond hair and black eyes wearing armor and a cape?
"Hey watch it, u clumsy fool! I have a mission to complete." the dude grumbled as he pushed Mei out of the way. Mei turned around, her eyes flashing anger.
Yuki and Anjee exchanged glances. *And she will go off in ..1...2...*
"Look who's talking! You bump into me! I am never clumsy! If you want an apology, you can just forget it!" she raised her brows " Anyways, isn't it a little too early for Halloween, cape boy? Yuki, Anjee. Let's go or we'll catch pneumonia or whatever disease this guy here has." Mei motioned her thumb towards 'the dude'. She raised her head up high and turned to walk with Yuki and Anjee.
"What you say your names were?" the dude asked. His bottomless black eyes took on a strange gleam. The three girls continued walking away. The downpour of the rain obviously drowning out his voice. He swiftly and quietly ran to catch up. And with a quick movement, he reached for Mei's wrist. But he wasn't quick enough.
"Ah-ha! Too slow!! Too slow!! blaawwwwhhhh" Mei pulled one eye down and stuck her tongue out at him. He tried to slap her but she was quick and moved her head back.
"Dumb blond!" She pulled her eye down and stuck her tongue out again. A 'hey' was heard from Anjee. (AN: please don't be offended by the dumb blond thing)
"Why you...." He grabbed her around her waist and lifted her off the ground.
"MEI! Yuki and Anjee stepped forward.
"Anjee! Yuki! Run! Let me go!" She kicked him in the stomach and they fell into a puddle. Mei stood up and ran.
"He looks mad! Run guys!" She ran to catch up with her friends.

"Anjee! There are three of him! " Yuki shrieked as she looked behind them. Mei, Yuki, and Anjee had been running for quite a while.
"WHAT! " Both Anjee and Mei looked behind them. There WERE three of him. And they were gaining on them. The blond guys were only a few feet behind them.
"MEI THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!" Anjee screamed.
"JUST RUN!" Yuki screamed..
In no time, Yuki, Mei, and Anjee were surrounded by the three blond dudes. They all tried to break through the barrier of 'the dudes' but failed, only ended up being pushed onto the wet ground.
"Please leave Yuki and Anjee alone. It was I who crashed into you right? I yelled at you and I kicked you. Just let them go. You know they have nothing to do with you. "
The three dudes peered closely into their faces.
"Hey what's the big deal!" Anjee yelled.
"I know who you three are!" the three voices all seemed to talk simultaneously.
"yeah. I'm Yuki. That's Mei. And that's Anjee. So we'll just be going..." Yuki began.
"I'm not talking about your names. Don't try to hide from me, you pesky princesses " again with the simultaneous voices. *How annoying* Mei thought.
"You looking for princesses?? There are probably lots of them in Europe. There are none here so if you would just let us go-" Yuki began again.
"Shut up! What! Do you think I am stupid?? Don't try to lie to me! I know who you really are. You three are coming with me" the male voices seemed to speak simultaneously again. Each of the girls are grabbed by one of the guys.
"Let Yuki and Anjee goooo!!!!" Mei shrieked
"Hey what the hell do you think you are doing?!" Yuki cried out.
"Owww! My ribs, you bastard!!" The guy was holding extremely tight onto a struggling Anjee. But when she thought she felt one of her ribs crack under his grasp, Anjee fainted.
"AHHH!! Anjee better be alright!!!! Or you will pay!!!"
A green light engulfs them. Lifting them up into the sky.