Dream Now

AN: O.o I wrote this during one of my depressing moments, and I think that makes this pretty self-explanitory... or at least, I hope it does! ^^;;;; If it isn't though, it's basically a thought about how desperate you can be for dreams or death or what not.

Dream now for dreams never last.
Always drifting between real and not,
Giving you what you would always want to have,
Although it isn't forever,
Just an illusion.
They fool your mind into making a smile,
When all you feel,
Is a dark emptiness.
Something to help you through the pain,
Although the pain is the only thing you have,
To live for.
The fact that you still feel,
That you aren't numb inside...
Although, in truth,
You wish,
And you hope,
That you are,
Or will be someday.
Nothing holds back the tears,
Filled with blood and life once loved,
Now they fall to the ground and disappear,
Just as your happiness did once.
You fall to the earth and let it,
Take you back,
And you wait for the day it will.
And as your eyes--
So wet--
Try to close,
You dream of happiness once more.