We were just some war-warned soldiers
stationed outside Siamese seas.
And our ole good-hearted captain
wanted to put our minds at ease.
So we sailed into some harbor
and brought out goods to trade,
and when we saw what our captain bought
we all shouted, "Hurray!"

We quickly loaded up the drinks
and cast out for the day,
but halfway to our rendezvous
part of our ship gave way.
We didn't have much time to pack
more than we had on.
We all had to abandon ship
and leave behind the rum!

No, it wasn't leaving behind the ship,
who'd been our friend for years,
and it wasn't lack of a nice warm cot
that brought us all to tears.
For as we left our ship behind,
the ocean floor to rest.
We all remember clearly now,
the day the ale sailed west!

Now, some chose to save the beer
and some made it for land.
And why we didn't choose the latter
the captain couldn't understand.