Strange Magick 2
By Nate Anderson

Author's Note:

This is a sequel to the story Strange Magick, which was published on this site this spring. No one really asked for a sequel, but I wrote one anyway. Patrick didn't want to return for a sequel, so I sent him back to Ireland. This actually allows me to introduce Jazz to a whole new bunch of characters, and have an entirely new adventure with him.

Just wanted to clarify the obvious. And there will probably be a Strange Magick 3 as well, just to make a nice, neat little trilogy.


Jazz walked through the Montana woods alone. 'Stupid family, making me go on a stupid hike. Stupid mosquitoes. This whole hike is just stupid. And now I can't find a stupid bush to take a stupid piss by. Stupid woods,' thought Jazz, rather loudly.

Jazz continued to walk through the woods, his irate and grumpy attitude very obvious. A Mosquito landed on his arm.

"Stupid mosquito! You go squish NOW!" Jazz smacked the mosquito and rubbed its guts off his arm.

Jazz continued into the woods. He finally found a tree that would properly shield him. He unzipped his pants and began to relieve himself.

There was a growling from behind Jazz, soft, but quickly became louder. Jazz didn't even need to turn around, he instantly recognized it.

"Oh crap..." he muttered as he slowly pulled up his pants and turned around to come face to face with a rather large Grizzly Bear. "Figures."

Jazz slowly moved away from the tree. "Sorry," he muttered as he began to run down the hill.

"OH MY GOD! I'M GOING TO DIE!!!!" Jazz screamed as he ran down the hill, with the Grizzly in hot pursuit. In the distance, Jazz spotted a pit toilet. Shelter! At last! Jazz ran faster towards the pit toilet. He ran up the gravel trail to the top of the small hill and threw open the door only to find another grizzly bear napping in the shelter. "DAMMIT!"

Jazz threw the door shut and ran for the family cars. He ran by each of the cars until he found one that was unlocked. Jazz quickly climbed in and locked the door. He grabbed the cell phone off the dashboard and dialed a number.

"Hello? Mary? Yeah, is my Mom there? Can I speak to her?" asked Jazz, with a weary tone. The Grizzly found Jazz and threw its entire body weight against the truck Jazz was hiding in. It growled loudly. "Hi Mom! Oh, I'm back at the car. No,I didn't wimp out on the hike.'s not really...Mooom... Mom, for god's sake would you shut up! I'm in the car and I'm being attacked by a Grizzly bear! Oh really? Hang on, I'll check..."

Jazz put down the phone and opened the glove box beside him. Inside he found a semi-automatic pistol. He aimed it at the bear and pulled the trigger.


"Hello, Mom? You still there?" asked Jazz, picking the phone back up.