The Following Fall:

Jazz walked down the hall, carrying a box of various junk. A new year of school, a new year of various weirdness.

Patrick left school and went back to Ireland. He said he failed to see the point of sticking around since the "Soggy Bagel Incident" couldn't be topped no matter how many Frat keggers he went to. Jazz was sorry to see him go, but was also oddly relieved.

Jazz and Kathryn's relationship had heated up over the summer. Kathryn continued to work her magick and had mastered levitation, which made sex very interesting indeed. Perhaps mastered isn't the right word. Achieved would be better since Kathryn has been known to suddenly start to levitate without doing it on purpose. Jazz usually pulls her back down, hoping she doesn't attract attention. It happened once in a shopping mall and Jazz didn't notice. She was in the rafters for three hours before she figured out how to get down.

Jazz walked into his new dorm room. His new roommate, Charlie, was due later that afternoon. Jazz was excited and nervous about meeting someone new. His last roommate was a leprechaun, so Jazz immediately feared the worst. This one could be worse. He could be, like a vampire or something. He could be the antichrist. Jazz shuddered at the thought and continued unpacking. He pulled out his childhood Rainbow Bright doll when an all too important thought dawned on him.

"I should've gotten a single room. Dammit." Jazz discreetly placed the doll in the very back of the closet, behind a large box of Captain Crunch cereal. Jazz turned his attention back to the box, pulling out various CDs, including the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

* * *

"We should be lovers!" sung Jazz, along with Ewan McGregor and the CD.

"We can't do that," replied Nicole Kidman, via the CD.

"We should be lovers, and that's a fact!" Jazz was singing loudly now, and holding his own against Ewan's tenor voice.

"Nothing could keeps us together!" replied Nicole.

"We could steal time just for one day! We could be heroes for ever and ever!" Jazz was really belting it out now.

The dorm room door flew open. Charlie was standing in the doorway. "What the hell?"

"Ugh...sorry...I was just goofing around." A flustered Jazz tried to shut off the CD player. He ended up skipping back to track three, blaring "Because We Can." The room was flooded with Can-Can music. Jazz ripped the CD player's cord out of the wall and threw the whole player across the room, causing a loud crash.

"You must be Jasper," Charlie held his hand out for Jazz to shake.

"And you must be Charlie." Jazz shook Charlie's hand. "Well, I think I got the room arranged in a halfway functional way.

"It'll work," replied Charlie.

"Well, I gotta go meet my girlfriend, otherwise I'd stick around," replied Jazz, heading for the door.

"Yeah, catch ya later."

Jazz walked out the door, leaving Charlie alone. Charlie walked over to the remains of the CD player.

"Dammit, I really liked that song," muttered Charlie, dropping the broken CD player again.

* * *