Non-existent clouds smile down on me;
The barely-there breeze says "hi".
Bike rides and tired legs push to the top
And down the bridge I fly
on ten speed wings
and five gear dreams.
Isence smolders and floats into my neighbors yard;
Windows open and
radio on with a hint of lawnmower
in this young nirvana.
The heat and the cool cancel eachother out
and create quiet chats on the phone.
I kill the fan and
bring the evening to life;
Intense snuggles urge the sun to slip
safely under the cover of the moon-
who smiles, pleased at the music of
giggles, fireflies, and crickets.
Soon she is gone and the sun wakes up
to the birds and early-risers.
10 AM brings a grasshopper to my attention
as I choose the best mulberry for picking;
the carefree sun in its first stages of hot
convinces the few puffy clouds in the blue
to play with the barely-there breeze.
After a nap,
my companions become
a glass of pink lemonade
and a yellow sprinkler.
I dry off, looking up at the non-existent clouds
smiling down on me.