The Music of Matter
This is definitely not my best work, I guess I
wrote it because I just *needed* to write
something. Well, here it is: Please R/R!
Where moonlight may perform it's submarine dance,
An incandescant underwater orchestra of light,
Of which each shimmering note serves to enhance,
A concerto of translucent blue, defying sight.

Where trees sway rhythmically to an unheard beat,
And wind shrieks in the dull opera of the storm,
Reverberating midnight thunder; an audio treat,
Against the dark background, the music is forlorn.

Where dew moistened leaves flutter in a breeze,
A delicate echoing staccato of tumbling raindrops,
Alone against the clouds; these souless grey seas,
Is this whimsical melody of eternal starts and stops.

By James Womack