Becoming The Enemy

This poem is pretty self-explanitory. I worte it in science while listening to this guy I don't particularily like read his drama monologue, and realized that everyone always tends to pity one group, but there are two sides to every story. Dedication for Sabrina, because a poetry "reading" has never been so damn funny. Go suffocate yourself in a garbage can, biotch ;)

You think I'm shallow,
But you don't know me.
What does that say about you?
Just because I have some friends and some good times,
You think there must be something dark in me,
Who hates people who aren't like me.
Or wait?
No, that's you.
You always blame your misery,
On one group, on people unlike you.
The people you call "popular",
You lump them together,
Like we have no personality of our own.
An are we the ones who are quick to judge?
No, that's you.
Clones? What if we have the same style?
Isn't it natural to make friends with people who share some preferences? Some opinions?
Don't your friends feel like you?
Mine do too.
You hate us because of what we are.
We hate you because of what you think we are.
Don't judge us, because you have no right.
You don't know me, you don't know us.
The way you are now, feeling insecure?
We've all felt it, like you.
Or would you even believe what we say?
So before you open your mouth to trash us,
Think - If you do this, won't you become that which you hate?
Maybe you're not so righteous after all.
Just maybe you're the same as me.