An Empty Vessel

I just have one request -- please, if you like or dislike this poem, just say why. Even if it's just "it's pretty.." or "this sucks, it doesn't rhyme," all feedback helps me a lot. ^_^

An Empty Vessel
by Rb

An empty vessel
is worth nothing by itself, right?
It's just something lonely
lying on the ground
not even worth it

maybe it's just given itself out again.
maybe it's just waiting for
something else to fill it up.

How many times
have you taken your world
for granted?
Never seeing the beauty
of the wind waving through
long grasses and dandelions.

How sad it must be
for he who does not see
beyond the weeds growing
in an empty lot
never seeing
the possibilities therein

In an empty vessel
it's only empty
the ghosts of fillings past
are still there

I wonder whether
the vessel of the soul
is full or empty
I think it empties
and refills
itself constantly
of pain and tears
of joy and smiles
of friendship
and sorrow
all wrapped together

I wish that my soul's vessel could
be engulfed in a soft rain
and wash itself free of tears
and become clean
and become strong
so it could hold even more.

I endure daily
for hope that the rain
that I'm searching for
will come soon
and pour down onto me
Purifying myself
And for my tears
to be replaced
by gentle raindrops

An empty vessel
is worth everything by itself
for without it
nothing could ever
be filled