A/N: I wrote this on July 20, 1999

A/N: I wrote this on May 25, 2000. It was actually for my final exam (the performance assessment part). We had a choice of writing a free-verse poem or a ballad, so I chose free-verse, and I had to include stuff like onomatopoeia and alliteration. Not bad, considering I was the first one done (I finished in about 5 minutes, and I went up to the teacher, and I was like "Is this all I have to do?").

Running In Circles

The room is a blur,
And I want to scream.
Several silent screams
Escape me.

My head hits the desk.
I've exhausted myself,
And all of my energy.

My mind runs in circles,
But not facing
The day.

I look up,
And I look around.
Is anyone anywhere to be found?
Alas, they're not;
They're gone.
Did I scare them away?

I blink.
The light is too bright.