When the fires of the sun,
Cast their last spell,
And set in the west,
The ebon darkness.

Comes to be,
The storms wait until now,
To light the skies,
Bright with their fires and hidden spite.

The winds rage outside my door,
As I hear a knock upon the frame,
I rise from my chair,
Pondering just who might be there.

I open the the old wooden door,
To see the rider mount his horse,
Riding off into the darkness,
I look down at my doorstep.

What I saw there leaves my heart pounding,
It was a child,
A little girl,
Not much more then a few days old.

Her hair was a fiery red,
Her eyes reflected the plumes of lightning,
They were the color of the sea,
And she was wrapped tightly in the shroud of the rider.
I now leave this poem,
To tell this child of her origin,
To tell her to never stray from the light,
Or the dark rider may come back to claim her.....

This is a poem I wrote about an orignal story I'm writting called Erebus Nimbus, as you can tell this is just a poem about the prologue. The woman talking is a widow, who lives in the forest alone who gets this child left on her doorstep. She raises the child to be inoccent of course, but she dies before the child education is complete. Leaving her to stray from her path, which ultimitly leads her to lots of trouble involving her past. How does it half-way sound? Let me guess really really bad..... I know it needs some work, but I'm trying my hardest. Well let me know how it sounds, so please review and tell me should I write Erebus Nimbus? Thanks!