In the seventy-fifth year of the Hebrew patriarch, Abraham, the armies of the Far East led by Kane the Beast arrived in Palestine on their quest to conquer the world. I was by Kane's side when we sacked Ur and made mockery of the false god Baal. I watched the burning of the temple of the moon and sun gods. I saw the children flee from the ashes of their villages, screaming in terror at the sight of the Mongol armies of Kane.

The spirits of the dead lingered in the ashes of Ur and told Kane of a wealthy patriarch to the north, a man who claimed to follow the one true God. The tales of Abram's incredible wealth spurred Kane to seek him out, take his holdings and destroy his god.

Outside of the ruins of Sodom, the vast armies of Kane found the tribe led by Abram, now called Abraham. The patriarch came out of his camp alone to speak with Kane.

"I have no quarrel with you or your people, and have no wish to fight you. I journey to a land that the one true God has promised for my people, and I will leave this place if you wish to dwell here," the old man had no fear of Kane because of his inner strength and belief in God.

Kane lifted his sword to strike down Abraham, when a bright light came down from the heavens and a loud voice spoke from the clouds.

"You who would strike down my servant, take your armies and leave this place. Return to your own land."

Kane starred into the sky in defiance, raised up his sword, and shouted, "I fear no God!"

The armies of Kane fell dead.

The wrath of Abraham's God saved none but Kane and myself. Thousands of bodies simply fell to the ground, the breath of life withdrawn from their lungs.

"You who would defy me shall from this day forward be cursed until you take your own life," boomed the powerful voice form the sky.

Kane fell from his horse, and lay shaking on the ground. When I approached him, Kane leapt to his feet and roared like a lion then ran with an inhuman speed into the hills.

Afraid for my life because of the awesome power of the Hebrew God I had just witnessed, I immediately fell to my knees in front Abraham standing before me like a rock in a violent storm.

The old man laid his hand upon my shoulder and spoke softly, "The judgement of God is passed. As the beast's bound servant you have not been found guilty. It is now the will of God that you remain with us as a servant of the one true God."

"It is the will of my wife and children that I return home to them," I said, rising from the ground with renewed confidence.

"As both a father and husband, I give you my permission to leave and my blessing. But I warn you my decision made in kindness may lead you to greater troubles."

The old man turned and began to walk back to his tent village. Shaken from the events that had just transpired I began to walk through the field of lifeless bodies to begin my journey home.

* * *

I shivered in the cold as the moon rose over the distant hills. The days' events weighed heavily on my mind, but the low growling of wolves not far off and the bitter cold kept me from reflecting in peace.

As the last rays of sunlight dispersed and the prevailing darkness of night surrounded me I heard a noise among the wolves: a low rumble almost indistinguishable from the other animals. Before I could react the creature sprang upon me.

Despite the dark, I immediately recognized my former master. Kane's hair fell around his face so that a shadow concealed his features, but his eyes seemed to glow in the dim twilight.

When he spoke his voice cut to my soul, a power within it that I had never before heard, even from a warlord, "Come with me to their camp, and we will kill the Hebrew."

Even in my fear I spoke out defiantly, "Their God is the true God, what more proof do you need?"

Kane roared and leapt to his feet. In the moonlight I could now see his bloodstained face and hands. "Look what their God did to me. I thirst for blood, and know no other hunger. Come with me, or I will drink yours as well."

Fearing for my life, I turned to run, but Kane was instantly in front of me. His hand reached out and grasped my neck, as he lifted me off my feet with extraordinary ease. Gasping for air I stammered, "I am better off dead than as you."

Kane immediately dropped me to the ground. While recovering from the shock, I felt his fangs sink into my neck. Paralyzed, I lay on the ground feeling the blood being drained from my body.

Nearing death, my instinct for survival took over and I groped mindlessly, seeking something with which to save myself. Taking in what would have been my last breath, I felt my fingers clasp around Kane's knife, and summing all the strength I had left, plunged it deep into his throat.

As Kane fell to the ground, I was suddenly overcome by a hunger that cannot be described, and I drank the life from his veins.