I hear voices but I see no people,
I hear rain but I am dry...
I can not see the sun,All I see is black,Emptyness
I stare directly into a void,I reach out to find these
people who talk,But all I feel is a soft cushion.
Where am I?What have I dont to deserve this?
Why have I been imprisoned in this dark box?
I'm not in a box I'n a coffin!But I'm not dead.
Why havent I been confronted with the lights
of Heaven or the fires of Hell?I'n in a Limbo.
I'm alive but dead.They buried me and yet I still
gasp for air.Why can't they hear my screams?
Why am I being ignored?Why don't they hear my
cries for help?I punch whatever I feel.I break
through.I claw my way through the dirt to the surface.
The people I cried to were not people at all.They were
Vampires.They have wings and fangs.And piercing
red eyes!As I run past them they grab at me.I pull
away and I find myself running down a hallway.
I scream for help but no answer.Except one lonely
voice at the end of the hall."Come here" he says.
"You are alone" he notices."Why are you not like the others" I ask."I'm not like them" he said with a grin.As I move
closer he turns into a wolf.As I run he chases me into a
dead end.The wolf pounced on me and just before he
digs into my flesh I wake up!It was a dream.I'm save in
my bed.But suddenly the bed falls through and I'm
back in the coffin!I break free again and I go through
the hall,The wolf chases me and I wake up again in
the coffin!Whats happening to me?I'm repeating
history!I can't get out.It happens again and again.
I soon realize I'm not human or dead.I'm undead.
I'm a vampire like the rest of them!I was bitten
by the one they call..Dracula.........