Vanishing Star of the West

On the day you came by chance,
Little was I aware
That I would get one fleeting look
At a star so fair.

This time we've met shall be our last,
But I will try to remain strong -
For one like me does not deserve
To view such a star for long.

Within our galaxy are many stars
That shine for all to see.
Among them all, your light shines brightly,
But only once for me.

The rays of light poured out from you
Reached out and touched my heart.
I felt that we could be good friends,
But now forever we must part.

Though we be many years apart,
A message I now send:
Fare thee well, princess - succeed in life,
And please allow us to still be friends.

Although one view is all I got,
I thank God I was blessed
To be allowed one glimpse of thee,
Dear Kayla - vanishing star of the west.