The tears wouldn't stop. I couldn't make them. It was just this endless cycling of the same thought.

What if it weren't enough? What if the only chance I ever had at true love was the look into his eyes, knowing that we were made for each other, and then death.

The possibility of a lifetime together always exist, but what is the extent of that lifetime? What if, tomorrow, I go outside, and standing there, in the middle of the road, is my one true love? We look at each other, and know, instantly, that we love each other, that we are two halves of the same whole.

And then, out of nowhere, this truck comes, and he's gone? Simply gone. I know nothing of him, nothing but for the look in his eyes. I will never have the memory of his voice, the sweet, elusive touch of his skin. I will have absolutely nothing. No memories, no pictures, no reason at all to believe it was nothing more than my imagination.

How do you live with the pain of knowing, and yet not knowing, your soulmate? How do you go on with life, knowing that the greatest thing has come and gone, and will never come again? In fifty years, will you remember that day, that look, the color of his eyes?

How could you ever forget?

He stood on the sidewalk, his green eyes flicking over the passerbys. He was waiting, for what, he didn't know. Just waiting. Suddenly, he looked up, and his gaze met another of brown. Two men, simply staring across the road at each other. A chance meeting, fated by destiny to occur.

In that instant, they both knew. Nothing could ever go beyond that point. It was the most perfect moment in history. Without ever saying a word, they both knew they were meant to be together. No hesitation, no doubts. Just the pure, simplistic power of love. Another trick that destiny uses in the union of two soulmates.

Let the world be damned. Few would accept them, and screw the rest. Between those two men, destiny was complete. They had met, and they knew. The world could end in that second, and they wouldn't notice. The memory of that gaze was imprinted for eternity on souls that had met before, in another life. They didn't need more, or ask for more.

As one, they moved down the street, staying on separate sides of the dividing pavement. A speeding truck roared by, but they stayed where they were until brought back into each other's sight. The connection was tangible, a whispery line of thread between two fates. The first smiled, his grass-colored orbs sparkling in the morning light.

His response was a shy grin, mahogany twinkling in answer. With sudden determination to be closer to those emerald eyes, the second man crossed the road, barely looking to avoid traffic. The first stayed where he was, content to watch this stranger that he knew instinctively come to him.

In seconds, they stood barely two feet apart, looking at each other, not knowing what to say. Their smiles were still evident, but now slightly uncertain. The moment of truth was at hand. Across a crowded post-dawn road, a stranger could be mistaken for something else, something beautiful and wonderful.

Up close, in conversation, that perfection could be erased with the barest of whispers, the hope of that previous moment simply that, a long desired, but repressed hope. It was the moment that could break either of them

Brown eyes laughed, drawing in a shuddery breath. He had gone that far, there was no turning back now. "Hi."

Green eyes looked away for a second, then back up, the hope flaring brighter. "Hello." And it was done. Two words, from two different mouths, belonging to two men who shared no past, only a future. And destiny moved on...